Banfubi Co., Ltd.

Before becoming a parent, all decisions in life were made for you to choose what you like and what suits you.

After having children, we shifted our focus to them, hoping to give them the best. At this moment, we gave all our love to our children.

LOVON, Love In The Moment.

Every sound, every movement, every minute and every second of the child will bring great surprise and joy to parents! At every moment of the baby's growth, LOVON works with the parents to accompany the child. LOVON was born for this reason. We hope to accompany hundreds of thousands of families in Taiwan and bring you more happiness.

EKOBO was founded in Avignon, a city in southeastern France in 1972. With the demand of the European and American markets, Bruno & Boo Louis from France and the United States established a family business in Paris in 2003, adhering to their mission of working hard for human health and bringing modern products to the forefront. The design is perfectly combined with the concept of green environmental protection, bringing organic, environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic bamboo fiber products into the home.

Over the years, it has adhered to its innovative patented design and excellent quality assurance, focusing on the design, development and manufacturing of natural bamboo fiber children's tableware and modern household items and interior decorations. EKOBO products are sold in more than 50 countries and regions in Europe, North America, the UK and Japan, and have become one of the children's tableware brands trusted by mothers around the world.