Banfubi job vacancies

"Join us and create brand value with us!"

Founded in 2018, we specialize in brand marketing and data
Combining social marketing and brand management, we have successfully created multiple maternal and infant brands and generated revenue!
At a time when online dividend traffic is gradually disappearing, we are still able to maintain a stable market position.
We place a strong emphasis on partner growth and learning and believe these elements are key to team success.
Now, we are looking for partners who are passionate about pets and mother and baby fields
Join us to build amazing Taiwanese brands.
Emphasis on Work Hard, Play Hard work and life balance
Partners who love marketing and brand building are welcome to join us!
【Vibrant working environment】
The company attaches great importance to the work-life balance of its employees, so overtime is rarely worked!
We hope to work with our partners to create a happy and meaningful work environment
Allow each member to balance work and life.
【working environment】
Pay attention to the work-life balance of employees and rarely work overtime
Create a happy and meaningful work environment so that every member can balance work and life
[Practical Opportunity]
Emphasize self-growth, provide free time to learn new skills, and help you find the growth direction that best suits you.
Whether it's customer service, design, or even advertising, as long as you're interested, we'll let you try it!
[KOL Internet celebrity marketing specialist KOL BD]
Combine creativity and data to jointly create online marketing strategies
1. Work content:
1. Internet celebrity list development: Organize the development list of KOL/KOC/bloggers/etc.
2. Careful selection: Select the most suitable Internet celebrity partners based on planning needs.
3. Proposal and communication: Contact Internet celebrities, coordinate and implement cooperation plans, and continuously maintain relationships.
4. Execution progress management: Communicate with the supervisor to explain the implementation progress to ensure smooth progress.
5. Problem solving: During the cooperation process, proactively identify problems and provide improvement plans.
6. The supervisor arranges execution matters.
Those with experience in the pet or marketing maternal and child industries will receive extra points!
Our team will let you learn all-round, from product production, planning, launch to follow-up marketing process, you will observe the entire process up close.
If you want to learn and improve digital advertising and brand operations, this position is perfect for you! Welcome to join us and create brand value together!
#Bonus points items:
◆Strong communication and social skills: Have excellent public relations skills and be able to communicate and interact with others easily.
◆Internet celebrity cooperation experience: Have substantial experience in Internet celebrity cooperation and industry matching execution, and understand the cooperation process.
◆ Passionate about social networking: often pay attention to social dynamics and Internet issues, and maintain a keen sense of touch.
◆Exquisite social aesthetics: Have excellent social aesthetics and skillfully use platform functions such as IG/FB.
◆Mastery of creative tools: Proficient in using Canva, Office and other tools to perform related operations.
◆Have high learning ability and curiosity, and like to learn new things
#How to apply?
【Applicable Title】+Write an attractive title!
Please send your application information and portfolio to
[E-commerce Specialist]
As an [e-commerce operations specialist] there are several important things:
Work content:
1. Platform order management: Responsible for obtaining orders and processing order information.
2. Customer service support: Respond to customer service messages and customer needs.
3. Front-end supplier contact: Carry out procurement coordination and contact with various suppliers to ensure smooth operation of the supply chain.
4. Account processing: Conduct monthly reconciliations with manufacturers and e-commerce platforms, handle sales, invoice issuance and other related matters.
5. E-commerce platform operation: manage the inventory of the e-commerce platform, launch new products, and take inventory.
#How to apply?
【Applicable Title】+Write an attractive title!
Please send your application information and portfolio to