Just like releasing a caught insect, our love for our child is to let him have freedom

LOVONer Part 1 LOVON × Documentary Director Jerry&Aylin&Leo

Family members: Father Jerry, mother Aylin, son Leo 2 and a half years old

A good spot for insect observation: Hengshan Calligraphy Art Park

The day that LOVON's filming team agreed with Director Jerry's family happened to encounter a typhoon. However, when they first saw Leo, they were infected by his enthusiasm and energy. Everyone forgot that the dark clouds in the sky were heading towards us. Even though there was a lot of rain right after we started shooting, so we had to stop shooting and take shelter from the rain, Leo was the first to rush out of the roof when the rain subsided slightly. Several adults around him were worried that he would get caught in the rain. , blowing the wind, but he just wants to ride the scooter handsomely!
Seeing Leo running outside, wouldn't his parents want to bring him back to a safe and warm room to rest and calm down? Jerry said that unless there are immediate major safety concerns, we are unlikely to deliberately prohibit what he wants to do.
Aylin also told us that children are all independent "little people", so let them freely explore and understand the world. What parents should do is accompany and guide them to explore the world or solve problems, rather than sticking around to help them complete everything.
Aylin's profession is glass craft design. Perhaps because her mother, who is the main caregiver, is full of creative and artistic energy, we also see a lot of courage in pursuing freedom and collision in Leo. Whether it was the greeting when they met for the first time, or exploring alone in the open grassland, or even falling down while riding a scooter, it never made him feel hesitant or timid at all. But when he feels like his battery is full, will he ever have time to calm down? While the filming team was chatting with his parents in the cafe, Leo sat aside and flipped through one of his favorite picture books - Bugs Hotel.
Aylin also shared with us her preference for choosing picture books and toys. The way to calm down children who are always full of energy is to buy books with "interactive mechanisms". At the beginning, accompany him to read the contents of the book and guide him. Read out the words that you can understand or recognize, and let him focus on the pictures and mechanisms in the book, and the child will calm down more easily.
In addition to picture books, building block stacking toys are also Leo's good friends. Let him build a bugs hotel according to his imagination, and then let his father pretend to be a monster to attack the residents in the house. Listening to Jerry's narration can make you happy Experience exciting and fun parent-child time!
(Mom is Leo’s best teammate in catching bugs! But dad is the villain in the story (huh?))
While we were chatting, Leo took his mother Aylin to squat on the grass for two or three minutes. When he rushed back, he had successfully captured a millipede in the transparent jar in his hand. Perhaps it’s because his parents take Leo out for outings as much as possible as time permits, which stimulates his interest in all kinds of different creatures crawling around and makes him less afraid.
When you travel on a daily basis and don’t need to fold and unfold the stroller frequently, Jerry recommends using a pocket-type stroller. The stroller itself is lighter in weight, but the folding steps are slightly more complicated, so it will be used in open, wide and feasible venues. . If the journey is long, Leo may need to lie down on the stroller to rest or sleep, so he will choose a larger European tank.
In between the two situations, when you can lie down safely when needed, but when you may go to stairs or indoors and need to put the car away frequently, LOVON MAGIC is the first choice recommended by Jerry. The convenience of folding it with one hand in an instant is very practical for taking an energetic baby like Leo out. It is difficult to predict whether he will start to want to run wildly in the next second. He can quickly close the car and pick it up with one hand to keep up with the child's wild speed.
(Yes, in this kind of sudden driving situation, you may need to put the stroller away and move forward to keep up.)
Finally, we asked Jerry and Aylin if they could give any encouragement or advice to other new parents. They both responded unanimously: "Patience is the most important thing when it comes to accompanying and raising children." Children have their own independent minds. , have their unique ideas, parents should not over-standardize and restrict them, but try to let them learn and explore in their own way. This is what the parents agree on and what they most want to send to other parents.

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Author/MuelKuo / Photographer/ Nick