We don’t just watch our children grow up, we accompany and grow with them

LOVONer 2nd Volume LOVON × Cocojojo Boutique

Family members: Father Andy, mother Corrine, son Nono, 1 and a half years old

Have a good time strolling around: Huatai Famous Brand City

Cocojojo Boutique is a professional Korean purchasing agent that has been operating for more than ten years. Not only does the owner Corrine fly directly to Korea every month for online purchasing, she also provides you with the latest Korean fashion, as well as products from various countries, so that in addition to wearing them, you can also You can enjoy Ban Niang’s professional taste everywhere in your life.
In addition to purchasing the most popular women's clothing, Cocojojo also sells Korean children's clothing, and one-and-a-half-year-old Nono is the best little model. Corrine thinks she is very happy to be able to work with her children! Although Nono is too young now and is still a little out of control. Each live broadcast can only briefly appear for about 5 to 10 minutes. But when Nono gets older, I hope to continue to lead him to try more different things. .
In order for Nono to play with peace of mind in the live broadcast room, Corrine and Andy spent a lot of effort. Different from the commonly seen live broadcast spaces, here not only requires a bright and simple space background, but more importantly, each small Safety of place.
Every sharp table and chair leg, wall corner or prop has anti-collision foam, and all visible sockets are covered with lids. Children always like to put whatever they see in their mouths, so they are the easiest to access. Even the exterior walls and floors are not careless, and safe and non-toxic materials are specially selected for decoration.
In addition to these precautions, Corrine also often patiently communicates with her son about things that are dangerous and what things should not be put in his mouth. With frequent reminders, it can also have the effect of preventing his children from making dangerous actions.
When it comes to safety protection, Corrine recommends to us safety mats and fences from the Korean brand Caraz. Not only are they of good quality, they meet the most basic safety requirements, but their appearance also meets the aesthetic standards of fashionable mothers. In addition, Nono's dining chairs are also from Korean brands. They are also elegant and low-key in milk tea color. Many unnecessary patterns or patterns are omitted from the surface of the product, and they are used to accompany children in the most rounded and simple way. Corrine highly recommends it to those who like it. Same style mom.
For families who often go abroad to work, will they also take their children abroad to add some parent-child memories of overseas travel? Corrine laughed and said this was an impossible fantasy! Although it is interesting and joyful to talk about it, the work of picking goods abroad is often busy until late at night every day. Even adults are exhausted, let alone taking care of young children at the same time.
If he wants to go abroad with his children, Andy hopes that after the epidemic is over, the whole family can take a trip to an island, enjoy the vacation time leisurely, and leave time completely to the children. Recently, the most popular place to walk children in China is Yilan. There are many family-friendly B&Bs, restaurants, and attractions. Among them, they especially recommend the Jiaoxi Hanmu Hotel. It has sufficient facilities, and you can feel safe and secure while enjoying family time in the hot springs there. happiness. During the free time on weekday afternoons, I take Nono to the Riverside Park and Playground to play games, and I also go to other friends’ houses with children to interact and interact with each other, so that Nono can play with other children.
When taking Nono out with her, the LOVON MAGIC stroller, which is light and easy to handle, is Corrine’s first choice. Compared with the Grace brand combat stroller from Andy’s sister, the MAGIC can be quickly unfolded and folded with one hand, and can be held steadily with the other hand. With children, you have greater flexibility to cope with outing needs. Although the quality, safety, and functionality of the chariot model are similar, for families living in apartments, a stroller that requires both hands to lift is a bit inconvenient.
Corrine shared the indicators he pays attention to when purchasing a stroller, which is to consider quality and safety first. If both of these meet the required standards, the next step is to select the most lightweight and easy-to-store style among them, so that the child can It is comfortable to sit and easy for parents to use.
Finally, we asked Andy and Corrine if they have any experiences or insights they can share with other parents? Corrine said that in fact, she is still a new mother, and she often encounters times when she is in a hurry and her rationality is broken, so she should choose carefully the parenting products on the market. Buying well can really save herself a lot of energy! But don’t always feel depressed because of these setbacks, because children are the most beautiful existence in the world. As long as you spend time with your precious son, you will have a happy time.
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