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【hegen】PCTO™ Golden Miracle PPSU Multifunctional Bottle

【hegen】PCTO™ Golden Miracle PPSU Multifunctional Bottle

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This design couldn’t be more convenient for going out

A small storage tank can perform the most functions. One bottle is enough✨

✔ Most functions: can be transformed into a kettle, milk powder can, storage box, snack can, coffee cup

✔ The most beautiful type: it will not be out of place in the kitchen for future cooking.

✔ The most convenient: systematic button storage. Multiple small gold bottles can be picked up in one hand

✔ The most time-saving: one-second switch. Convenient for various uses

* Each batch of hegen imports undergoes legal random inspection and audit

* Does not contain bisphenol A, bisphenol S, toxic plastic, or formaldehyde

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