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【hegen】PCTO™ Elegant and gentle manual breast pump

【hegen】PCTO™ Elegant and gentle manual breast pump

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If you have the following troubles ~

▪ Want one-handed operation without any effort?

▪ Want to go out with your breast pump?

▪ Want to pack it easily into your bag?

▪ Want to express breast milk quickly and save time?

We are more convenient than ordinary manual breast collectors!!

✔ Manually adjust the time at will

✔ Mini, cute and small in size

✔ Ergonomics. Comfortable and painless

✔ After squeezing, replace the cap and drink directly or store it

✔ Don’t waste a drop of milk

✔ Completely save time and effort

* Each batch of hegen imports undergoes legal random inspection and audit

* Does not contain bisphenol A, bisphenol S, toxic plastic, or formaldehyde


1 x hegen elegant and gentle manual milking machine


1 x silicone suction film

1 x wide mouth breast shield

1 x one-hand grip

1 x silicone mouthpiece

1 x small leak sealing circle

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