GENIE product Q&A

Q: It will get stuck during the folding operation, and it is difficult to press and expand.

A: The closing button of the new car is tight, and it will become more comfortable after opening and closing it several times. It is not a flaw.

Q: When the stroller is unfolded, the body of the stroller cannot be fully opened.

A: When unfolding, you do not have to press the closing button all the time, otherwise the car body may not be fully deployed.

Q: My hands will get scratched when I open the car.

A: The GENIE stroller is designed with a full-cover awning. In order to maintain the overall structure of the ceiling, it can be opened with the backhand to make it easier if there is any hand friction.

Q: When the cart is put away, it falls over and is difficult to put away.

A: Just press the stroller vertically. Applying force forward will cause incorrect posture and difficulty in closing the stroller.

Q: The small safety lock will not pop out after opening/closing the car.

A: It may be that the car body is not completely folded when you close the car. After you close the car, you can press the car body gently again until you hear a "Da!" sound, which means it is fully closed.
It may not pop up when unfolded. Just make sure that the car body is fully unfolded. This part does not affect safety. You can pull it out manually.