EKOBO | 高端飯店裡的低調紳士

EKOBO | A low-key gentleman in a high-end hotel

For a long time, Asian EKOBO users have generally come into contact with our baby tableware and household series products in physical stores and online flagship stores.

In fact, EKOBO's product system also includes high-end hotel product series.

They have been quietly appearing in major high-end hotels.



The design of the EKOBO tableware series is inspired by the soft lines of the medieval style, and its timeless appearance is suitable for various table shapes and dining occasions.

EKOBO pasta bowl/EKOBO disc, round bowl

In a hotel restaurant,

Enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Replenishes the body with vitality and energy.

An encounter,

A carnival of taste decorated with EKOBO.

Not ostentatious, but has its own style.



EKOBO sharing series products are designed for gatherings with friends and family around the dinner table, by the fireside or outdoors.

Each piece is an original design, with an iconic and modern design feel.

EKOBO champagne bucket

EKOBO tray, round bowl, square bowl

EKOBO fruit plate

Afternoon tea time,

Or sit quietly and drink alone,

Or whisper to a friend.

The air flows with a sense of comfort and coziness,

EKOBO champagne buckets, fruit plates, tray bowls,

Also accompanying me silently.

Not noisy, but will listen carefully by your side.

Leisure Series


The products in the EKOBO leisure series are both soft and durable. We use high-quality organic cotton to make bathroom products. We also have matching bamboo fiber product sets in a variety of sizes and colors.

A true alternative to traditional plastic or fragile bathroom accessories, the range is easy to clean, has smooth lines and a fine texture.

EKOBO original imported bath towel

Towels, beach towels

Watch the mountains with you

View the sea

Wrap a soft heart

He doesn't speak sweet words, but he has a warm embrace that makes you feel safe.

EKOBO toothbrush cup

Toilet set, step stool

Little beauties in the bathroom

Like the graceful notes flowing from the keys of a piano

Feel instantly relaxed

It doesn't have to be dramatic, the thoughtfulness in the details is the most touching.

Late at night

Take off all your armor and disguise

EKOBO essential oil atomizer

Accompanied by bursts of fragrance

Take you slowly to dream

It doesn’t always have to be thrilling, life also needs to be smooth and steady.

High quality, good appearance,

Low-key and humble, gentle and elegant.

low key,

But it has its own style.

Not noisy,

But I will listen carefully by your side.

I don’t know how to say sweet words,

But it has a warm embrace that makes you feel safe.

No need to be dramatic and thrilling,

The thoughtfulness in the details is the most touching.

EKOBO hotel series products,

Let you see through the scenery,

I will accompany you for a long time.

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