EKOBO shined at the three-day exhibition with its eco-friendly, fashionable and high-quality products!

Lead the trend and shine


As a new French ecological and environmentally friendly trend brand, EKOBO has adhered to the concept of ECO (ecological environmental protection) × LIFE (lifestyle) × STYLE (fashion trend) since its inception.

Green, healthy, ecological and environmentally friendly industries are the future trend.

EKOBO has been deeply involved in this field for 49 years. Since 1972, EKOBO has focused on the design, development and production of ecological and environmentally friendly products.

Combining modern art design with green environmental protection concepts, we establish a production system that is truly natural and non-toxic to humans and the environment, and bring organic, environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic products into families, becoming a trendy brand in the baby and home market.

Excellent quality, highly praised


At this CBME exhibition, EKOBO made a grand appearance with its various series of products for infants and children, home furnishings, textiles, aesthetic education, parent-child board games, etc.
All EKOBO products have passed EU testing and obtained international authoritative certification. They are popular in 56 countries and regions including Europe, North America, South Korea, and Japan.
Among customer groups, EKOBO has always had a high reputation. These reputations come from quality and details.
There was an endless stream of customers visiting this exhibition. After the on-site experience, they could feel the charm of the high-end quality of EKOBO products. The customers present also gave high praise to EKOBO's products.

Negotiate cooperation and achieve greater success


EKOBO was favored by many partners at the 2020 Shanghai CBME Maternity, Infant and Child Exhibition, and was featured on the cover of Mainland China's Maternity and Infant 2020 Global Information Magazine.

At this year's CBME Maternity, Baby and Children's Exhibition, EKOBO once again attracted many interested customers to discuss cooperation with its continued accumulation of high popularity and reputation.

Working hand in hand, the future is promising


As of now, EKOBO has more than 2,000 offline stores around the world.

Not only that, EKOBO cooperates with many maternal and infant chain retail brands, five-star hotels, major well-known international schools, domestic high-end kindergartens, education and training institutions, domestic and foreign financial industries, well-known parent-child brands, high-end catering industry in China and other channels.

EKOBO cherishes the cooperation with every partner and looks forward to more like-minded partners to move forward together.

In the future, we will use more refined quality and sincere and supreme service to work hand in hand with our partners for win-win cooperation.

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