EKOBO is created with love - a children's tableware brand trusted by mothers around the world

The EKOBO brand was founded in Avignon, a city in southeastern France in 1972. With the demand of the European and American markets, Bruno & Boo Louis from France and the United States established a family business in Paris in 2003, adhering to their mission of striving for a healthy life for mankind. The perfect combination of modern design and green environmental protection concepts brings organic, environmentally friendly, safe and non- toxic bamboo fiber products into every aspect of the home.

Over the years, it has always adhered to its innovative patented design and excellent quality assurance, focusing on the design, development and manufacturing of natural bamboo fiber children's tableware and modern household items and interior decorations.

EKOBO products are sold in more than 50 countries and regions in Europe, North America, the UK and Japan, and have become one of the children's tableware brands trusted by mothers around the world .

EKOBO · Company Profile

EKOBO · Company Introduction

EKOBO is headquartered in Paris and is mainly responsible for the design and research and development of the company's products. In May 2018, EKOBO products officially entered the Chinese market. In August 2018, EKOBO officially established a joint venture in Shenzhen, China, marking a new era for the development of the EKOBO brand in Asia.

EKOBO is one of the children's tableware brands trusted by mothers around the world. A series of products made from natural bamboo fiber raw materials carefully designed by EKOBO and certified by FSC. They do not contain harmful substances such as BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, cadmium and mercury. In addition, the production process is strict Quality control, suitable for different usage habits and usage scenarios of children and adults. At present, the products have obtained international food safety standard certification (including US FDA certification, German LFGB certification, and EU REACH certification).

*development path

*Brand advantage *Brand advantage

  • BIOBU® ECO - COMPOSITE technology: core ecological composite materials and formulation technology. As a breakthrough R&D, BIOBU® ECO - COMPOSITE technology makes our products extend life, safe and non-toxic, and free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, mercury and cadmium.

  • US FDA authoritative certification: FDA is the abbreviation of Food and Drug Administration. FDA sometimes stands for the United States Food and Drug Administration. FDA is authorized by the U.S. Congress, the federal government. It is the highest law enforcement agency specializing in food and drug administration. It is also a professional body composed of doctors, lawyers, microbiologists, chemists, statisticians and other professionals dedicated to protecting, promoting and improving The government health control monitoring agency for national health. Many other countries seek and receive assistance from the FDA to promote and monitor the safety of their own products.

  • German LFGB authoritative certification: In September 2005, the German new food and dietary supplies law LFGB replaced the food and daily necessities law LMBG (Lebensmittel-und Futtermittelgesetzbuches). It is also known as the "Law for the Administration of Food, Tobacco Products, Cosmetics and Other Daily Necessities". It is the most important basic legal document in Germany's food hygiene management and is the guideline and core for the formulation of other special food hygiene laws and regulations. However, it has been modified in recent years, mainly to match European standards. The regulations make general and basic provisions on all aspects of German food. All foods on the German market and all food-related daily necessities must comply with its basic provisions.

  • German FSC authoritative certification: FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), the Forest Stewardship Council, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting global socially responsible forest management. It was founded in 1993 by international individuals who wanted to prevent forest destruction.

  • About Bamboo Fiber: Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on our planet. It is a fast-growing, naturally regenerating woody plant that can be propagated organically without pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides. It can be continuously harvested every 3 years without harming the plants or the surrounding environment. The bamboo used in EKOBO products is a raw material certified by the German FSC Forest Stewardship Council, which is the source of bamboo fiber. It can replace traditional plastics to make a variety of safe, healthy and environmentally friendly kitchen and household items. It does not contain harmful substances such as BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, cadmium, and mercury. Coupled with strict quality control in the production process, it is suitable for different usage habits and usage scenarios of children and adults.

  • Cork: Cork production is environmentally friendly because the trees are not cut down to obtain the cork, the bark is simply peeled off and the tree continues to grow. The same goes for the cork we use in product design. Made by combining with German LFGB approved food safety resin.

  • 100% ORGANIC COTTON: The EKOBO home textile collection is inspired by the traditional Turkish bath cloth or "Peshtemal", which is absorbent and quick-drying. Made from 100% ultra-soft organic cotton yarn and Oeko-Tex Standard certified dyes, each piece is crafted by hand with colorful details that bring a contemporary feel to ancient textiles. GOTS certified product.

*Brand HonorBrand Honor

1. Winning awards

  • France / "table - table" exhibition: L'Institut Francais / «Tableaux-Tables» exhibition, Institut Française Singapore / Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) hosted EKOBO as a special guest. "Tabletop cutlery" is their specialty. Organized by Elisabeth Fashion Designers, the exhibition features 38 French designers and 23 French tableware manufacturers. The exhibition travels around the world.

  • International Housewares Association/USA: EKOBO successfully entered the children's set innovation finals.

  • UK: Best eco-friendly toys.

  • Barcelona Design Museum: Handy Bowl Set finalist.

2. Art collection

EKOBO's bamboo tableware, which combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design, is permanently collected in the Pompidou Center for Modern Art in Paris .

[Victoria and Albert Museum] The world's largest museum of decorative arts and design has a permanent collection of EKOBO products.

[New York·San Francisco·Tokyo MoMA Museum of Modern Art] has a permanent collection of EKOBO products.

[Stockholm Modern Museum] has a permanent collection of EKOBO products.

[London·Tate Museum] Permanent collection of EKOBO products

3. Settled in global companies


Paris Le Bon Marché Department Store

Japan·Groceries/ACTUS (a must-see when traveling in Tokyo)

CASA|PALACIO-Mexico’s largest department store chain

MANU FACTUM-German home lifestyle retailer

Crate&Barrel-American upstart home furnishing brand favored by young people

TARGET-American·Target department store

The Container Store-American home life retailer

Product Series

Children's tableware series

Adult daily series

Kitchen series

Bathroom series

Outdoor series

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