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"Compilation of the Top 10 Baby Stroller Brands in 2024" Master the recommendation and introduction of suitable strollers


How to choose a baby stroller brand? Pay attention to 6 major factors

Before the baby can walk independently for a long time at home, what parents need most when going out is a suitable baby stroller. A good baby stroller can save parents a lot of effort and make the baby sit safely. This article will tell you how to choose a baby stroller, introduce the ranking of the top 10 baby stroller brands, and recommend affordable baby strollers. It will collect common questions that parents want to know and help parents choose a baby stroller that is smooth for adults and comfortable for babies. Comfortable stroller! !

How to choose a stroller? 6 major selection factors to consider

Many mothers will start looking for a suitable stroller for their babies in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. Among them, most parents will agree that "safety" is the most important point when choosing a baby stroller. But what points should we look at to examine the safety of a baby stroller? In addition to safety, what are the extra points for a stroller? The following is a summary of 6 factors that need attention, let’s review them together:

Key points for choosing a baby stroller 1》Braking function

The most important thing about a stroller is the brake. Only by choosing a stroller with a suitable brake design can you ensure the safety of your baby. There are three common types of stroller brakes:

  • Two brakes with one step: One brake controls both rear wheels, allowing parents to respond intuitively as quickly as possible. It can also easily cope with the terrain with different heights when commuting. It is the most common brake style for baby strollers.
  • Bilateral braking: the left and right rear wheels are braked separately.
  • Four-wheel separate braking: As the name suggests, the four wheels are braked separately. The braking force is weak and the operation is not quick and intuitive.

Generally speaking, it is recommended that parents choose the "one step on two evils" type, which is not only more intuitive in operation, but also can cope with unexpected situations when they are outside.

Key points for choosing a baby stroller 2》Safety belt design

After choosing the brake of the stroller, the seat belt is the second thing that parents need to pay special attention to. The following four points need to be paid attention to when wearing seat belts:

  • Seat belt form: The most common is the 5-point seat belt, which can provide the baby with the most comprehensive protection. There are also 3-point seat belts.
  • Clamp: It is divided into magnetic type and standard type. Before purchasing, just pay attention to whether it has good switch and whether there is any bad design.
  • Whether there are shoulder pads and crotch pads: If there are shoulder pads on the safety belt, the baby will be less uncomfortable when wearing it.
  • The length of the seat belt is adjustable: In order to accommodate the different thicknesses of your baby’s clothing in winter and summer, as well as the rapid growth and body shape changes, try to choose a stroller that can adjust the length of the seat belt.

Baby stroller selection points 3》Wheel size and material

After ensuring the brakes and seat belts of the stroller, you need to check the "wheels" where the stroller is in contact with the ground. You can also choose through the following two points:

  • Wheel size: The larger the wheel size of the stroller, the easier it is to push, and it has better resistance to shocks when facing various protrusions on the road. However, larger tires also weigh more, so you need to weigh them when choosing.
  • Wheel material: Pay attention to whether the material used in the wheels is durable and whether the tires are of good quality, which will have a great impact on the durability of the stroller.

Tips for choosing a stroller 4》Seat adjustment function

When using a stroller, you need to pay attention to whether the seat width can be adjusted. This is because babies at different stages have different "needs" and "accustomed" postures. Take newborns as an example. Because their neck muscles and spine are not fully developed, they need to lie flat to support the weight of their heads. As for babies that grow older (about 6 to 7 months old), they will start to sit up and respond to the outside world. If there is strong curiosity, the stroller seat at this time needs to provide enough support for the baby to stand upright. From a long-term perspective, choosing a stroller that can flexibly adjust the seat angle will be more in line with actual use needs.

Key points for choosing a baby stroller 5》Home storage environment

In addition to paying attention to safety when using a stroller, special consideration must be given to its storage when not in use. Living spaces in Taiwan are generally small, so you need to choose a stroller that can be stored well and can be easily placed at home. This will not only make it easier to put it in the back compartment when driving, but also avoid having to place the stroller in the trunk due to its large size. Stairwells or storage rooms are difficult to find and difficult to access when needed.

Key points for choosing a baby stroller 6》Whether it can be matched with accessories

After confirming the safety and storage of the stroller, you can then consider the accessories of the stroller. Common stroller accessories include sunshades, rainshields, armrests, cup holders, and electric fans. Various accessories can help your baby be more comfortable in the stroller. Therefore, when choosing a stroller, you can pay attention to whether the stroller is compatible with other accessories.

Selected 7 major baby stroller brands and ranking of 10 baby strollers

The following is a selection of 10 baby stroller rankings from 7 major brands, providing reference for parents who are still looking for suitable products!

Baby stroller ranking 1》[LOVON] GENIE lightweight all-round baby stroller

Affordable baby stroller recommended by Banfubi

The baby stroller ranked No. 1 is the GENIE lightweight all-round baby stroller launched by LOVON , a parenting brand "designed for Taiwan's parenting environment." After undergoing several revisions and listening to the opinions of countless parents, this GENIE lightweight all-round baby stroller is specially designed for the Taiwanese environment and can be stored and opened with one hand, even if parents hold it with one hand. It can be easily used even with babies. With the lightweight 6kg body, 4-stage seat back adjustment, full-cover carport and lightweight aluminum alloy bracket, it can better meet the daily needs of raising children in Taiwan.

  • Collapsed size: 47 long × 25.5 wide × 55 high cm
  • Car body weight: 6 kg

Baby stroller ranking 2》Dutch Greentom classic baby stroller

The Dutch Greentom stroller is as trendy, fashionable and beautiful as the iPhone. Unlike other strollers that only have fixed colors to choose from, the Greentom classic stroller allows parents to freely choose the "frame" and "fabric color" to customize their own. Your favorite stroller color perfectly balances parenting and fashion.

  • Collapsed size: 25 length × 55 width × 72 height cm
  • Body weight: 7 kg

Baby Stroller Ranking 3》CYBEX PRIAM Basic Model Top Large Wheel Baby Stroller

This is a stroller that focuses on a "high seat". The large rear wheels can overcome large and small steps. The higher height can also be used as a dining chair at home when not used as a stroller. The special design allows it to stand up automatically when folded.

  • Folded size: 36.5L x 60W x 95H
  • Body weight: 12.8 kg

Baby stroller ranking 4》【LOVON】MAGIC automatically collects baby strollers in seconds

Affordable baby stroller recommended LOVON instant baby stroller

LOVON’s stroller makes the list again. This MAGIC automatic folding stroller features "1 second magic time automatic folding". In addition to being easy to stow away, the special structural design also allows the stroller to be opened and fixed with one click, without having to bend down at all, so parents no longer have to worry about using and putting away the cart, and have more time to take care of their children. The stepless chair can be adjusted to give your child the most comfortable experience. This stroller comes in the popular fresh macaron color scheme, making the stroller's color as light as its function.

  • Folded size: 19.5 length × 44.5 width × 54.5 height cm
  • Body weight: 6.4 kg

Baby stroller ranking 5》NUNA TRIV next stroller

The NUNA stroller features a two-way mode where the seat can change direction, and the stroller can be easily folded in both directions. The enlarged rear wheel features dual shock absorbers throughout the vehicle to give your baby a more comfortable and safer riding experience.

  • Folded size: 31.5L x 57.5W x 69H cm
  • Car body weight: 8.7 kg

Baby Stroller Ranking 6》【LOVON】CUBIE Pocket Type Lightweight Stroller

How to choose a stroller? Choose something light and easy to carry

The CUBIE pocket-type lightweight stroller is designed with the concept of "family travel" in mind, emphasizing that the stroller is lightweight and easy to carry. The entire stroller weighs only 4.9 kilograms. When folded, it is about the same size as a backpack. It also comes with an exclusive stroller carrying bag. , good-looking and easy to carry. It is very suitable for families who like to travel to the mountains and sea. Whether it is installed in the trunk of the home, a passenger, a train or even an airplane, it has more than enough space!

  • Collapsed size: 36 long × 17 wide × 48 high cm
  • Body weight: 4.9 kg

Baby Stroller Ranking 7》ABC Design Turbo4 Stroller

ABC Design, endorsed by Wang Yangming, specializes in fashion-conscious parents. The main feature of this Turbo4 stroller is that the carport, chair and quilt angle and footrests can be flexibly adjusted in multiple stages to meet the different habits of each baby. The handle of this stroller is specially made with hand-stitched leather in a supercar diamond pattern. While the baby can sit comfortably, parents can also look stylish.

  • Collapsed size: 84 length × 63 width × 40 height cm
  • Body weight: 12.5 kg

Baby stroller ranking 8》NUNA Demi grow stroller

The Demi grow stroller is a stroller designed by NUNA for families with two babies. The stroller can be selected in single mode or double mode, and can change direction front and back, and the stroller can be folded directly in both directions. There are 33 different usage modes.

  • Collapsed size: 62 length × 55 width × 89 height cm
  • Vehicle body weight: 13.8 kg

Baby stroller ranking 9》British hybrid Premium core baby stroller

The main product is a high seat stroller that can adjust the seat in two directions and the entire body can be folded in two directions. The raised 65-centimeter seat allows babies to be closer to their parents and away from moisture and exhaust fumes from the ground. The lightweight aluminum alloy stand with British-style matte silver and rose gold luxurious appearance makes parenting and fashion no longer out of reach.

  • Collapsed size: 43 length × 61 width × 74 height cm
  • Body weight: 12 kg

Baby Stroller Ranking 10》Xplory X Signature Stroller

The exquisite and elegant fabric is everyone’s first impression of this stroller. The combination of aristocratic, low-key and elegant black base material and imitation hot stamping makes many parents who pursue texture fall in love with it. The single-pole design makes the entire stroller more elegant. The angle can be adjusted in three stages, and the direction can also be changed forward or backward.

  • Expanded size: 101 length × 56 width × 131 height cm
  • Vehicle body weight: 13.4 kg

3 common problems with baby strollers to establish correct concepts

In addition to how to choose a stroller, parents often have many questions about strollers. Here are three of the most common stroller questions to help you clear up your doubts.

Q1: How many months old can a baby start riding a stroller?

Since it takes about 6 months for the baby's body bones to develop, it is recommended that the baby must use a "flat-lying" stroller before he is 7 months old to avoid damage to the baby's soft bones due to the posture and the hardness of the seat. .

Q2: Does a newborn stroller have to lie flat?

Many new parents think that letting the baby lie flat is "lying 180 degrees". In fact, if the baby is really lying flat at 180 degrees, it will easily lead to choking on milk or difficulty in breathing. If you want your baby to "lie flat", it is recommended to maintain an angle of 170-175 degrees and maintain a slight slope to avoid the risk of suffocation or difficulty in swallowing saliva for babies whose throat muscles are developing.

Q3: What are the characteristics of different types of baby strollers?

There are many types of baby strollers on the market. Each type of stroller is designed for different purposes and therefore has different functional features. For example, strollers designed for families with two children will focus on space and stability; strollers designed for traveling and commuting will minimize the size and adopt a lightweight design. Each stroller will have its own design application scenarios. You may wish to pay more attention when selecting and choose the most suitable stroller for you and your baby!

Recommended Affordable Baby Strollers|Banfu GENIE Light Flagship Baby Stroller

Affordable baby stroller recommendation: Banfubi GENIE light flagship baby stroller

After understanding how to choose a stroller, are you still confused by the numerous strollers on the market and don’t know how to choose? Or there are many choices, including various fabrics and coating materials, but are you worried that you may not use them and exceed your budget? The following affordable baby stroller recommendation will be a good choice for you! Banfubi's GENIE lightweight flagship stroller is designed for Taiwan's environment and built for parents around the world. Intuitive brakes, a large storage basket, a five-point safety belt with shoulder pads, EVA anti-shock wheels, and independent shock absorber springs allow parents to carry it easily and their babies to sit comfortably.

Baby stroller brand Banfubi | Give your baby and yourself the best

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