Choose the right tableware, and your baby will also be a gourmet.

I always hear some mothers complain that their babies don’t like to eat, and even though they have used various methods of coaxing and deceiving, the effect is still minimal.

"While eating, his attention is always easily attracted to other things."

"I can't stay at my position for more than two minutes and will push away the dishes and chopsticks at will."

"I'm worried that he'll be hungry, so I'll prepare more snacks, but I can't give him a limited amount. He'll cry if he doesn't eat."

From the perspective of mothers, the problem of babies not eating well is the biggest problem of the century. There are also snacks with tempting flavors that have become a worry for mothers, because babies have no concept of healthy or unhealthy, and there are no restrictions on what they like to eat.

So, how to communicate with your baby about eating issues in a harmonious and pleasant way?

Don't be surprised, babies can also communicate, they just have a different method.

The baby's communication depends on the mother's actions, not talking to the baby, but doing it for the baby. what to do?

First of all, delicious and healthy baby meals are essential, which is not a problem for many mothers. Next is baby tableware. Choose safe, healthy and colorful ones. The last and most easily overlooked point is the placement of the baby's dining table. Adults are keen on the ritualistic life, and curious babies love it even more. Believe me, their little eyes and mouths will definitely give you the most honest feedback.

Tableware carries not only food, but also the expectation of delicious food . The carefully matched delicacies are rich in nutrients and at the same time strictly and scientifically control the baby's food intake.

Eat snacks with a sense of propriety . Give your baby a fixed amount and put it in his small bowl. He will not be greedy for too much, because there is only so much in his eyes, so he will go and play obediently after eating.

Although tableware is just a utensil, it can be used to accompany food . Any combination can create a unique taste. The baby is not only eating fruit, but also enjoying and creating.

Many babies don't like to eat vegetables, but if you choose the right tableware and color, they will take the initiative to explore the bowl .

With all the small spoons and forks provided, this place is your baby’s exclusive gourmet world .

Allowing your baby to eat by himself can focus his attention. Paying attention while eating will help digestion and absorption.

In addition to carefully preparing nutritious and beautiful food for the baby, parents themselves should also know how to enjoy life, such as spending some thought and energy on themselves, and then feeling it, so that they can know how the baby feels when dining, and such exquisite table settings It can also create a high-end feel to your home.

Therefore, live a more and more refined and poetic life with your baby. Such a family will definitely be more harmonious and beautiful.