Just read the reviews to find out how red this food bowl is!

EKOBO's products have always been loved by mothers.

In order to protect the dining habits of babies aged 0-3, EKOBO has specially launched a new series of silicone product sets.

EKOBO launches new silicone series products

This baby food bowl set uses a combination of silicone bowl and bamboo fiber spoon. Soon after it was launched, it has received many praises and recognitions from mothers.

silicone bowl

Food grade imported platinum silicone material,

Higher than baby pacifier level, safe to bite.

Has passed US FDA testing.

Bamboo fiber children's spoon

Bamboo fiber material,

Antibacterial and bacteriostatic, safe and non-toxic.

One-piece design, smooth and burr-free,

A good helper for babies to learn.

How red is this food bowl set?

Just read the comments and find out!

Due to space limitations, they are not listed one by one.

Thank you mothers for your trust.

EKOBO will not forget its original intention and continue to protect the healthy growth of babies.

Providing ecological, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe baby products and household products to millions of families.