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Attention expectant mothers! Master the advantages and selection considerations of a baby dining chair at once, and have easy and worry-free parenting

Baby dining chairs have many advantages and are a good helper for babies to eat.

As the baby in your family grows up, do your parents always chase you around every time you eat? According to research on the Child Development Scale of the National Health Service of the Executive Yuan , babies over 6 months old can sit firmly on a chair, reach for their hands with their hands, and will actively open their mouths when feeding. At this time, if there is a meal With the help of the chair, the baby can eat more focused and effectively, and it can also free up parents' hands, making eating more enjoyable. But with a dazzling array of products, how do you choose a dining chair suitable for your baby? The following is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of baby dining chairs, as well as the selection matters that mothers are most concerned about, so that they can feel more at ease on the parenting journey and develop good habits for their babies.

Baby starts to move around and doesn't cooperate when eating? Do I need to buy a baby high chair?

The answer is yes. Good habits need to be cultivated from an early age. Babies who often use children's dining chairs can quickly master the coordination of their hands, which is also helpful for the growth of eating skills. If the whole family can sit at the dining table to eat together, it can enhance family relationships. Make the atmosphere at home more harmonious. It can be seen that a suitable dining chair is very important. It can not only accompany the baby throughout the infancy and early childhood period, but also help the baby develop family rules for eating at a fixed time, place and location. Through guidance at the dining table, it can also better learn correct dining habits, so that The child becomes what everyone calls an angel baby.

Advantages of baby dining chair

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of baby dining chairs and free up mother’s hands!

After understanding the importance of a baby dining chair, let us further understand the advantages and disadvantages of a baby dining chair.

Advantages of baby dining chair

  • Cultivate your baby's concentration:
    Fixing the baby on the dining chair can help the baby focus more on "eating", cultivating concentration and not being distracted while eating. At the same time, parents can also teach the baby correct table manners .
  • The tripod is safe to avoid tipping:
    The design of the dining chair is in line with the development of the baby's spine, and because the fixation effect is very good, parents can rest assured to let their babies sit on it. In addition, the adjustable chair legs can adapt to various table heights.
  • Seat belt for seat cushion:
    The chair cushion is made of special material, so even if the baby sits for a long time, he will not be stuffy and will no longer be afraid of getting rashes. The buckle-type seat belt provides double protection for the baby, allowing the baby to sit comfortably and securely.
  • The dining table is removable and washable:
    It is inevitable that some food residue will be spilled when the baby eats. The removable dining table allows the entire dinner plate to be removed for cleaning. When not in use, the dinner plate can be removed and used as a play table for the baby.

Disadvantages of baby high chair

  • The chair is too heavy:
    Many older baby high chairs are made of wood, so they are heavy and difficult to carry.
  • Inconvenient to carry and store:
    If you need to eat out while traveling, the dining chair will become another load, making it inconvenient to carry around.
  • Too large:
    If there is no extra free space in your home, you will need to make special space to place the baby dining chair, which will be troublesome to store.

How to choose a baby high chair? Grasp the 5 principles and easily conquer your baby at the dinner table

Baby dining chair selection guideline 1: Safety

Safety is definitely the first priority when choosing a baby dining chair. Since baby behavior is difficult to control, it is recommended to pay attention to whether the dining chair has a three-point or five-point safety belt design. The switch should also have the function of preventing the baby from accidentally touching the hand. , the anti-slip technology at the bottom of the chair legs is also an indispensable feature.

Baby dining chair selection guideline 2: non-toxic

Babies always like to learn about the world through five-sense experiences such as touch and oral exploration. Therefore, it is best to choose products with inspection marks to prevent the dining chair from containing other chemical ingredients that may affect the child's health, even if the baby stays in the dining chair for a long time. , and you can eat with peace of mind.

Baby dining chair selection guideline 3: Easy to clean

You should choose a style where dining chairs, dinner plates, seat belts and other parts can be removed and cleaned separately to avoid the growth of bacteria and give your baby a clean dining environment. The dining chair after the dinner plate is removed can also be used as a play table for your baby.

Baby dining chair selection guideline 4: Flexible adjustment with age

If the dining chair itself provides a multi-stage design such as height and inclination, it can be flexibly adjusted as the baby grows. It is less affected by age restrictions and has a higher CP value compared to the increase in the number of years of use.

Guideline 5 for selecting a baby dining chair: whether there is a dinner plate and whether it is sufficient for use

You can choose the type that comes with a dinner plate and can be height-adjusted. And pay attention to whether the material of the dinner plate is easy to clean and does not contain ingredients harmful to the body. The capacity of the dinner plate is also one of the key points in the selection. Larger dinner plates can be convenient for serving, and the dinner plates attached to the dining chairs usually fit well with the dining table. , convenient to use and less likely to fall off.

How to choose a baby dining chair

Comprehensive review of baby dining chair product issues | 6 common questions answered at once

1. What is the applicable age range of the baby dining chair?

After the baby is 4 months old, he can start to practice eating non-staple food or lumpy finger food. This period is when the bones of the spine and cervical spine are developing. At this time, directly "going to the table" and sitting on the dining chair may have an impact on the body's bone development and increase It is unnecessary burden. It is recommended to wait until 6 months old and the bones gradually become hard before developing the habit of sitting on a dining chair.

2. Should I choose a baby dining chair with a tilt adjustment function?

Some brands will design dining chairs with a reclining function in order to be used by younger babies. Some angles are even close to lying flat. However, the essence of using dining chairs is to allow babies to sit at the dining table and eat. Tilt adjustment is available but not necessary. , it is recommended that the functions of the dining chair should be focused on eating needs such as "self-eating" and "sitting down to eat", and should be matched with regular time and place to allow children to accumulate correct dining experience.

3. Should I choose a baby dining chair with a height adjustment function?

The height of the dining table in each family is different, and the baby's height will continue to increase as he grows. At this time, the height-adjustable dining chair can be of great help. It can not only maintain the best dining height, but also Extend the life of your dining chair. Of course, in addition to dining time together at the dining table, the height can also be lowered during snack and afternoon tea time, so that adults can sit on the sofa or coffee table to accompany you.

4. Should I buy a baby dining chair with a small dining table?

If the dining chair matches the height of an adult's dining table, there is actually no need for a small dining table. However, if it is lowered to the height of a child's own use, it will be more troublesome without a small dining table. The configuration of the small dining table can take into account the frequent use situations at home. When sharing three meals with the family, the dining table can be stored back first, and when eating snacks, the small dining table equipped with the children's dining chair can be used.

5. How to store the baby dining chair?

According to different dining needs, the convenience of using a baby dining chair in various occasions and spaces at home is very important. Dining chairs with more assembly steps need to pay attention to the convenience of storage, such as buttons, folding methods, and the size after storage are all important indicators. , for urban families with limited living space, it will be more convenient to use as it does not occupy most of the dining or leisure space. If the chair legs are equipped with wheels, you need to pay attention to whether they can be removed. When storing and opening the dining chair, you should also pay attention to whether the dining chair can brake properly to avoid safety concerns.

6. Does the baby high chair need to be cleaned frequently?

Because the baby is in the growth stage and has poor body coordination, it is inevitable that food remains or falls when eating, and the food is often all over the table. However, for the sake of the baby's health, parents need to clean the dining chair frequently to keep the dining chair clean. This way there won't be any bacteria left and your baby might accidentally eat it. When cleaning dining chairs, you must also pay attention. Some dining chairs are made of wood or metal, so they are not suitable for washing as a whole, otherwise they will easily become moldy or rusty. Cloth accessories such as seat cushions and seat belts must also be ensured that they can be completely disassembled for cleaning and drying. , if it can no longer be cleaned through cleaning, you can also find a model that can be replaced by yourself in case of emergency.

Recommended baby dining chair | My heart dining chair to help your baby develop good dining habits

Do you always chase your baby while feeding him? Or are you worried about taking your baby out to eat out uncontrollably and attracting attention? Myheart children's dining chair can be your good helper and help you cultivate your baby's dining etiquette from an early age! It not only cultivates parent-child eating together and enhances parent-child friendship, but also allows the baby to learn to eat independently and practice eating well on his own, so that parents are no longer in a hurry during meal times. Parents can feed easily and effortlessly, and can easily train the baby's coordination to help good growth and development.

My heart baby dining chair also has the following 7 major advantages:

  1. The seat cushion is comfortable : Made of special breathable material, the baby will not feel stuffy and uncomfortable when sitting on the dining chair for a long time. The seat cushion can also be removed and cleaned separately, allowing mommy to wash it easily and the baby to sit comfortably.
  2. The dinner plate is removable and washable : The detachable dinner plate is light and sturdy. When not eating, the small dinner plate can be removed and turned into a play table for the baby. It can also be hung directly on the back of the chair, so that it does not take up space for storage.
  3. Five-point buckle safety belt : In addition to full protection, the five-point buckle also allows the baby to eat well and not run around. Upgraded and thickened shoulder pads allow the baby to sit comfortably and safely.
  4. The distance between the dining table can be adjusted : The three-stage adjustable dining table can adjust the distance between the front and back of the dining table according to the baby's growing body shape. It can be used from small to large.
  5. Five-stage height adjustment : The height can be adjusted according to the table at home, so that the baby can sit at the same dining table with parents to eat, and cultivate parent-child eating together from an early age.
  6. Adjustable chair back : When the baby is eating, the chair back can be adjusted close to the dinner plate to reduce body shaking and prevent the baby from spilling the soup.
  7. Easy to fold and store : The dining chair can be folded when not in use. It is only 27 cm wide and can be easily stored in the corner of your home without taking up space.

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