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The choice of baby stroller suitable for Chinese people

When you have a child, you need to prepare many baby products when going out to eat or play. In addition to a huge mother's bag, you also need a baby stroller that meets your usage habits. There are quite a variety of types of baby strollers on the market, so how to choose becomes a difficult problem for novice parents. What are the classifications of baby strollers, as well as the key points that need to be paid attention to when choosing? This article has organized them all so that everyone can quickly find the baby stroller that suits their needs.

Suitable for different times, introduction to the two common types of baby strollers

According to the size of the baby stroller, it can be divided into two types: lightweight and portable baby stroller and combat-type baby stroller. These two types of strollers each have their own advantages and disadvantages. In addition to functional differences, the applicable timing is also different. The following is a detailed introduction.

Stroller Type 1: Lightweight and Portable Stroller

Lightweight and portable stroller

The advantages of a lightweight and portable stroller are that it is lightweight, easy to carry, has small wheels and is flexible to push and turn. However, the shock-absorbing effect and baby space are insufficient compared to conventional strollers, so the baby's comfort level will be lower. Therefore, this stroller The car is more suitable for use in areas with smooth road surfaces.

Stroller Type 2: Battle Stroller

Double stroller type

In response to the fact that many parents now like to take their children out to play, tank-type strollers with more comfort and improved safety have emerged spontaneously. The strollers are large but can be folded and stored. They have good shock-absorbing effects and are comfortable for babies. They are also suitable for multiple births. There is demand for the introduction of double and triple strollers, which can take care of twins and triplets at the same time, which is quite common in European and American countries. However, the disadvantage of a combat-type stroller is that its folded volume is still larger than that of a lightweight and portable stroller, so it requires more storage space.

How to choose a stroller? Summary of 6 key points

After introducing the three types of strollers, are new parents still confused as to which stroller to choose? Don’t be nervous, here are 6 key points to consider when purchasing a stroller, so you can find a good stroller that suits your baby’s age and usage habits.

Key points for choosing a stroller 1: Baby’s age

When the baby has just returned home from the confinement center and has not yet learned to sit firmly, it is suitable to use a stroller that can recline or even lie completely flat. It can recline when going out, drink milk, and lie flat when sleeping, etc. need. At the same time, babies at this stage also need a more stable and comfortable environment, so a tank-type stroller is more suitable; when the baby starts to sit up, the muscle mass of the body increases and the tolerance to vibration is higher, so a stroller is more suitable. You can choose a lightweight and portable stroller that is mainly lightweight.

Key points for choosing a stroller 2: Functionality

Baby strollers have many functions, such as multi-stage adjustment of the seat back, two-way adjustment, one-hand storage, extendable seat, anti-UV ceiling, etc. Parents can choose according to the needs of their baby and themselves. Function. For example, for babies with high needs, it is recommended to choose a stroller that can be adjusted in two directions, so that the baby can see his parents at any time and feel at ease; for families who often take care of their children alone, a stroller that can be stored with one hand will be the first function. Depending on the use needs, baby's condition and budget considerations, it can be used as a stroller to choose.

Baby stroller selection point 3: safety

Foldable and stowable strollers must be equipped with a safety lock device on the latches to prevent the baby from accidentally touching the mechanism when waving around in the seat and causing an accident; in addition, the stroller will be used outside, so the shock-absorbing and wheel-fixing functions are All must be taken into consideration, and the easily overlooked storage space of the storage basket or the weight-bearing kilograms are also one of the key points when purchasing, because in addition to carrying the baby, the baby stroller will also store baby items. The above safety devices are all These are the key points to consider when purchasing a stroller.

Key points for choosing a baby stroller 4: The stroller body is easy to carry/storage

Parents who frequently take public transportation such as MRT and buses, or who live with insufficient storage space, need to pay special attention to the portability, storage method, and volume after storage when choosing a stroller, so that they can open and close the baby neatly. Stroller and carry, easily adapt to various needs when using the stroller.

Key points for choosing a stroller 5: Storage space

When the baby goes out, he needs many items such as diapers, milk powder, bottles, wet wipes, toilet paper, small fan, supplementary food/baby food , small biscuits, replacement clothes, etc. In addition to the mother bag, the baby stroller is also a good storage rack. The more storage space there is on the bottom of the stroller and the storage space on the back of the seat, the more it can reduce the weight on your shoulders when you go out, and you can carry more complete items. For parents who are petite or who are afraid of missing things, a stroller with multiple storage spaces will be a good choice for you.

Tips for choosing a stroller 6: Comfort

Complete storage space or easy storage are functions derived from the convenience of the caregiver, but the actual comfort of the baby lying in the stroller is also very important. The space inside the seat, the softness and breathability of the fabric are also requirements that need to be considered when choosing a stroller. The baby can rest peacefully in the stroller, and parents or caregivers can parent more easily.

Introduction to Banfu’s top 3 baby strollers|Different functions and features, a good helper when going out

After mastering the key points of selecting a stroller, I will recommend you Banfubi, a professional brand that has been deeply involved in the maternal and infant market in Taiwan for ten years. It is a brand " LOVON " designed for Chinese people and meets the needs of Taiwan's environmental use. It has storage. There are baby pocket strollers with extremely small back body, baby folding strollers that can be easily folded in just one second, and the best-selling flagship lightweight strollers. Different stroller types are suitable for various situations and provide the most warmth. At a reasonable price, you can own a high-quality baby stroller for as little as 5,000 yuan.

1. Baby stroller: GENIE lightweight flagship stroller $7,980

Baby stroller recommendation: [LOVON] GENIE

The first baby stroller launched by LOVON, a baby stroller brand owned by Banfubi, is the GENIE light flagship baby stroller. Developed to be most suitable for use in the Taiwanese environment, it uses light and tough aluminum alloy as the stand material, and has the convenience of being stored with one hand. It is a highly functional baby portable that can be easily used by parents with children alone and grandparents. Cart.

Because it is easy to push, easy to use, lightweight and convenient, it achieved sales of 1,000 units half a year after it was put on the shelves. It is also the choice of many parents who consider the value of a baby stroller for less than 10,000 yuan.

2. Baby stroller that collects in seconds: MAGIC automatic stroller that collects in seconds $5,890

Recommended baby stroller: [LOVON] MAGIC PLUS+

The baby stroller can be folded automatically in one second, making the stroller that originally required multiple steps to be folded more convenient to use like magic. It is not the "one-hand closing" method on the market, and still requires applying force and pressing down. MAGIC PLUS+'s automatic retracting function does not require any effort or bending. Press the retracting button to automatically retract and stand stably. It also has a 2-stage unlocking mechanism, so you don't have to worry about accidentally touching or retracting the car. It combines safety and convenience functions.

The weight of the car is 6.4 kilograms and the folded height is 55 centimeters, making it easy for most parents to pick up. The design colors are cherry blossom pink and refreshing green selected by parents, and the macaron color system makes the parent-child atmosphere more warm and intimate.

3. Baby pocket stroller: CUBIE pocket lightweight stroller $4,890

Recommended baby pocket stroller: [LOVON] CUBIE

Suitable for families who often need to take public transportation such as trains, high-speed rails and flights. The CUBIE pocket-type lightweight stroller weighs only 4.9 kilograms and measures no more than 50 centimeters when stored, which is equivalent to the size of an adult backpack. It is very compact and comes with an exclusive "storage bag" for easier carrying.

In addition to its lightweight appearance that does not take up space, this baby pocket stroller has dual sitting/lying modes and can be adjusted to lie flat at a minimum of 175 degrees. The seat is widened to allow the baby to sit and lie down without being crowded. It can also accommodate 5 people. This kilogram storage basket is perfect in functionality and portability.

  • Product name: [LOVON] CUBIE Pocket Push Stroller-Cocoa Black
  • Collapsed size: length 36 x width 48 x height 17 cm
  • Expanded dimensions: length 75 x width 47 x height 101 cm
  • Car body weight: 4.9 kg
  • Color options: sesame gray, cocoa black

A stable and easy-to-carry stroller choice|Banfubi [LOVON-GENIE light flagship stroller]

Are you still looking for a baby stroller that is stable and can save your wallet? The [LOVON] GENIE lightweight flagship stroller launched by Taiwanese brand Banfubi is suitable for babies aged 0 to 36 months. The body is only 6 kg and is equipped with EVA wear-resistant wheels that can be rotated 360 degrees to accompany you wherever you go. Conveniently located throughout Taiwan, it is your best choice of stroller.

GENIE lightweight stroller

  • Classic light flagship model, selling over 1,000 units every year
  • Silky ball bearings with high bearing design improve smoothness
  • 6KG ultra-light weight, you can put the car away in seconds with one hand
  • Full-coverage UV50+ water-repellent sunshade canopy
  • Limited edition comes with a stroller shoulder strap, allowing you to carry it easily

Already chosen a stroller? Banfubi also has agents who perfectly combine modern design with green environmental protection concepts to bring organic, environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic EKOBO natural bamboo fiber children's tableware into Chinese homes. Take a look at the children's tableware brand trusted by mothers around the world.

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