How to apply the seat tilt angle of a stroller? Let your children rely on their core muscles and go out to explore and have fun!

Su Ziyin, Director of Aineng Occupational Therapy Center

2023 baby stroller recommendations
Sensory integration dominates the development of children's abilities before the age of six, which is generally known as the "preschool age" period. Through a large number of and diverse explorations, various basic abilities are established. These abilities also become more and more mature with the accumulation of experience. The more advanced it is, the more complex cognitive and motor abilities will be built for the child to be able to cope with more challenges.

In addition to the child's own experience accumulation, it is also important whether the environment can provide diverse stimulation, as well as safe and appropriate exploration experiences. Therefore, I often encourage parents to take their children for a walk outdoors through the input of multiple senses. For example, the sun is caused by the leaves Changes in light and shadow, sounds of birds or other children, contact with materials such as sand or soil, etc., accumulate children's experience in exploring the environment, and their motivation for learning and interaction will naturally increase, and various abilities will also develop accordingly. However, due to the development of children's movements and physical considerations, strollers are definitely a must-have means of transportation for parents to take their children out. As a result, the choice of stroller will also affect the child's exploration experience.

So how do you choose a stroller that is most suitable for your child’s exploration and ability development?

First, the stroller must provide good support and fixation for the child's spine. The child's posture stability depends on the development of the core muscles. The strength and endurance of the core muscles will develop stably only when the child is about two to three years old. Therefore, if the stroller can provide good support for the child's back, the child's performance during exploration will be better; in addition, in addition to support, it can also provide good fixation and increase the safety of the stroller and the child's exploration. Do you know where the most important fixed position of the stroller is? The answer is the hip joint. If good fixation of the hip joint can be provided, the stability of the child's upper limbs and trunk operations will also be greatly improved.

Second, the chair back can provide multiple angle adjustments. In addition to meeting the needs of more situations, such as eating, sleeping, etc., it can also provide children with exploration experiences from different perspectives. When moving outdoors, except when sleeping or eating, I recommend Parents adjust the back of the chair to an angle closer to upright. Through the change of field of view, it will improve the ease and diversity of the child's ability to receive visual and auditory stimulation. If the child has more reactions to stimulation, such as laughing and keeping eyes Staring, etc. can also encourage or guide children to reach out or stretch out their feet to interact and explore the situation. In addition to establishing children's sense of security and positive experience in exploring new environments, it can also induce the development of multiple abilities.

Third, when using a stroller, it must be able to provide good safety and stability. I have seen some cases where the baby suddenly leaned back or the mother hung something heavy behind the stroller, resulting in the stroller overturning and the child being injured. Shocking, even hurtful news. Because the area of ​​​​the child's brain that suppresses impulses has not yet matured, when receiving stimulation from the environment or expressing one's emotions, the child will respond in a more direct way. For example, when a child sees a bubble in front of him, he suddenly leans forward and wants to go. Shooting, or suddenly leaning back due to excitement or anger. Some strollers with insufficient stability may easily lose their center of gravity and roll over when the child makes a large shift of the center of gravity. Therefore, choose a stroller with a good shock absorber system and A stroller with a stable center of gravity is very important for the safety of children while riding and exploring.

If we can provide children with diverse exploration experiences while ensuring that their limbs have adequate support and the environment is safe, children will be able to explore more safely and grow happily, and the parent-child relationship will develop closer!

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How to apply the seat tilt angle of a stroller? Let your children rely