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EKOBO natural bamboo fiber children's tableware from France! Machine washable, suction cup installed, anti-mold and anti-bacterial


After not seeing it for a while, I finally came here to buy children’s tableware again. This time it’s EKOBO natural bamboo fiber children’s tableware from France.

The appeal of bamboo fiber tableware is different from that of silicone tableware in the past. I think it is very suitable for toddlers or children at home who are "able to eat independently".



EKOBO natural bamboo fiber children's tableware is made of FSC certified pure natural bamboo fiber. No harmful substances are added, it is safe and non-toxic.

There are four colors in the series. I prefer caramel and sesame. Bamboo fiber itself has excellent anti-mold and anti-bacterial effects. It is more secure to use as tableware.

The bamboo used in EKOBO products is an FSC-certified raw material that retains the antibacterial effects of bamboo fiber

Effectively reduce the breeding of common bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, and inhibit E. coli 4.3 times better than ordinary tableware!


EKOBO's bamboo fiber is made with BIOBU® ECO - COMPOSITE technology

100% non-toxic food-grade A5 resin adhesive and natural bamboo fiber, no harmful substances added

Use core ecological composite materials and formulas to extend its life. Safe and non-toxic. Free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, mercury and cadmium.

Moreover, bamboo fiber material can also be naturally decomposed by organisms. Environmental protection and caring for the earth can take into account the health of children's meals and the environment.

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EKOBO has also passed international authoritative standard testing, such as the US FDA, German LFGB and FSC forest certification, so it feels safe to use!



From dinner plates and bowls to spoons and cups, they are all ergonomically designed for children. The arc-shaped bowl design allows children to have better control.

It should be noted that bamboo fiber is "hard" tableware, so I recommend it to children over one year old~

The color matching of this series of tableware is really high-quality. The plates and bowls are also very light, so they are very lightweight if you want to carry them out!



A while ago, I shared that we went to Taichung and I helped my daughter carry this set of tableware. It feels more secure to use my own tableware during these critical times.

Bamboo fiber tableware cannot be heated directly in the microwave or oven, but it can be washed in a dishwasher and sterilized with boiling water or ultraviolet light.



I will use the dinner plate to hold noodles, such as pasta. It is a very suitable plate size and is just right for young children.

Although it is a dinner plate, the plate itself has a little depth, so it is not a problem to hold food with a little soup~


The snack bowl can be used to hold some small fried food or children's biscuits and snacks. It is deeper than the dinner plate and can be used as a soup bowl. It is also suitable for drinking soup.

EKOBO's tableware can withstand temperatures from -20 degrees to +100 degrees. It can be used to hold soups suitable for children without any problems. It is very safe.



Although older children can already eat on their own, parents are still afraid that their children will spill the soup without paying attention.

EKOBO is also very considerate. When you buy tableware, you can purchase a removable silicone suction cup pad. The suction cup pad is lightweight, does not take up space, and is extremely practical.

The suction cup pad is an integrated vacuum suction cup. It is designed to be dismantled and assembled without any skills. Just stick it to the bottom of a plate or bowl and put it on the table and it will stick tightly.

Just watch the video and you’ll find out! Whether it is sucked on the bottom of the tableware or on the table, it is very strong, so children don’t have to worry about it falling over when eating~



I think the size of the water cup is quite suitable. My daughter is currently two years old and eight months old. She can hold it with one hand and drink water easily. She can grasp it with one hand.

The bamboo fiber material is very light and not too heavy for children. It is safe, non-toxic, mildew-proof and anti-bacterial, making it safer to drink water and drinks.


To sum up, I think the advantages of EKOBO this time are that it is safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, anti-mold and anti-bacterial, and it is ergonomic for infants/children.

In addition, there is a suction cup that can be freely disassembled and assembled. If necessary, it can be quickly disassembled when not needed. The tableware is more free and versatile to use.

Moreover, you can buy a complete set of tableware that your children will use at one time. It will look very beautiful when put together, and your desire to dine will be greatly increased!

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