EKOBO×Maggie Rose|Keep the parent-child time in memory

There is a place,

As long as the children have been there,

Will never forget it.

That is,

The fairy tale kingdom of their dreams.

this place,

It's Maggie & Rose.

There is a place,

As long as parents take their children there,

It must be spread by word of mouth.

That is,

They enjoy a free spiritual paradise.

this place,

Still Maggie & Rose.

Maggie & Rose Maggie Rose

Fairy tale kingdom in dreams

Maggie Rose Parent-Child Family Club was founded in Kensington, London, England in 2006, passing through Repulse Bay and Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. It entered mainland China in 2018 and has so far spread across London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Hangzhou.

As a global parent-child family club, the Maggie Rose brand has been accumulated for more than ten years to provide comprehensive & membership-based parent-child services for every family. It is a parent-child space that integrates learning, play, food, gatherings, and shared offices; more It is a "home away from home" where children and parents can leave beautiful memories together. It adheres to the concept of "Time to be together", encourages parents and children to have more companionship and growth, and records and precipitates unforgettable family moments.

Maggie & Rose

Why do kids like it?

Educational and entertaining

Play to learn

Play while learning

This is undoubtedly

Children’s favorite education method

Learn, learning can be so fun

Maggie & Rose introduces a unique British-style parent-child education curriculum, adhering to the concept of "education through fun", allowing children to be exposed to British-style education in a happy environment and improve their independent and innovative abilities.

Here, children can experience the essence of London's globally synchronized courses without leaving home - Picture Book Traveler, Dream Maker, Little Musician, Chinese Little Master, and Tianma Artist, covering music, cooking, crafts, art, areas of creativity.

Play, a fun British climbing area

Maggie Rose is a climbing play facility made of Scottish wood and designed by a designer from London, England. It is fun and original. It is laid with soft cushions and rounded corners in line with global clubs. Children can climb freely here and stretch their bodies. .

Party, get the same style from celebrities in one second

Maggie & Rose Parent-child Family Club is deeply loved by global superstars. Keira Knightley, Jordan Chan, Gigi Leung, Chen Hao, and many other stars have chosen Maggie & Rose as a "home away from home" to accompany their children's parent-child time. ".

Maggie Rose also provides customized party services for families. With more than ten years of party planning and execution experience, it carefully plans each exclusive party and accompanies each child at important moments in their growth.

There are plot-style scripts, situational role-playing, fantasy magic, fantasy bubble shows and other unexpected surprises. The "knight dream" and "princess dream" in fairy tales can all come true here!

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Maggie & Rose

Why do parents like it?

Shared office

top beauty

Creative hair salon for the whole family

Global baby shopping

The whole family can be here

Find your own little world

Maggie & Rose Maggie Rose focuses on babies and more on family.

In addition to the children's eat play learn, dear parents also have their own exclusive area, shared office, top beauty salon, creative hair salon for the whole family...

The whole family can find their own little world here and share precious parent-child moments.

Maggie & Rose

Why does it always move people’s hearts?

Because of intention

so touching

because of details

So tempted

Maggie & Rose has many hardcore fans, who take their children to check in from London to Hong Kong, and then to Hangzhou and Shanghai.

If a place makes people want to go again after visiting it, it must have its charm.

As for Maggie & Rose, as a high-end parent-child family club, its charm lies not only in its ability to fully meet the various parent-child needs of adults and children, but also in its attention to detail.

A major feature of Maggie Rose is that it sources vintage furniture from all over the UK. Small sofas, small ornaments, etc. are all airlifted from the UK in order to allow children to fully experience the authentic British education paradise.

The art classroom table and the links on the table are made of paintbrushes, and the lamps are in the shape of various brushes and painting tubes.

The door number of the cooking classroom is in the shape of a kettle, the lighting is in the shape of a spatula, and the dream classroom has various large and small drum shapes as lighting.

The door of the music classroom is in the shape of an arch made of many old books. Every book is a real book, and there are even treasures found from second-hand bookstores in the UK!

It is no exaggeration to say that Maggie & Rose has crafted every detail to the extreme.

And this extreme level of detail is also reflected in their parent-child restaurants.

Delve into classic delicacies from around the world for the whole family to enjoy while having fun, and the exquisite presentation is like a visual feast.

Various pizzas, barbecue platters, children's lunch boxes...

Every dish is an exclusive carnival for your taste buds!

When it comes to the choice of tableware, Maggie & Rose uses EKOBO tableware on many occasions.

Maggie & Rose’s custom party,

EKOBO dinner plates and water cups have become a highlight.

EKOBO round dinner plate

EKOBO square dinner plate

EKOBO square small bowl

Not only available for gatherings and dining,

When taking Maggie & Rose’s cooking class,

EKOBO tableware is also the best companion for babies.

EKOBO X Maggie Rose

Keep family time in memory

a wonderful childhood

Can be a nourishing nutrient for a lifetime

No trace of time

The time together will not be too long

Not paying attention

The child grew up quietly


Slower, slower, slower

let us use companionship

Write the longest love confession

Over the past 10 years, countless children from London to Hong Kong, Hangzhou and Shanghai have become members of the Maggie & Rose family, growing up healthily while spending unforgettable parent-child time with their families.

EKOBO, as a new French ecological and environmentally friendly trend brand originated in 1972, will continue to use ecologically friendly, fashionable and high-quality products to silently protect the wonderful time of children and families.

Accompany silently and take good care of her.

Be grateful for every encounter and remember every joy.

Together, we can keep the wonderful family time in our memories.

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