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LOVON GENIE light flagship stroller ║ High-quality newborn stroller that can be folded with one hand in seconds, UV50+ full cover, sunshade and water-repellent ❤


From the time Doudou was born to now, I have used more than ten strollers.

I have to say, the stroller I’m going to recommend today

Definitely one of the top two I have used👍


For us, the stroller is really an indispensable helper when taking Dou Wei out.

When they don’t want to walk and want to sleep

With a stroller, you don’t have to carry them hard 😢

In addition, when we go out with Dou Wei, we often carry a lot of things

Books, toys, tableware, snacks

It’s really much easier to have a cart to carry things.


So a good stroller is absolutely necessary

When the usage rate is so high, I will never give in 😏


I have bought this LOVON GENIE light flagship stroller for about two months.

Accompany us to the mountains and sea (exaggerated)

Go to Yilan, Hualien, Taipei

I usually go out to parks, department stores, night markets, or ordinary downtown streets.

It's really unimpeded and we are very satisfied

Next, let me tell you how useful this device is👍



◩ Can sit from 0 to 36 months

The age of use of this machine is 0~36 years old

Recommended weight is 15kg

So it is definitely the most cost-effective to buy it from the newborn.


Let’s talk about the situation of our two families.

Weiwei is currently 2y5m, Doudou is 3y11m

But because Doudou just set foot on 15kg

So the ride is very smooth and there is no problem.


◩ The chair back can be adjusted with one hand

One of my favorite advantages is the one-hand adjustment design.

In the past, most strollers had a drawstring design.

Going up or down will definitely require the use of both hands.

To be honest, for mothers, there are many times when things don’t go well 😂

I often find it troublesome to adjust the back of the chair!

LOVON GENIE can be adjusted with one hand

I guarantee every mother will love this feature❤️❤️

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Four-stage mechanical adjustment, 95 degrees ~ 175 degrees

From sleeping mode to comfortable sitting posture, there is no problem in everything

So it can be used from newborns, even if you go out to take a nap👌 


The foot rest can also be adjusted accordingly.

Absolutely keep your baby in the most comfortable state at all times

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The same applies when Doudou is asleep, no problem~

I can sleep all afternoon 😂How comfortable it is


Let me show you the sitting and lying position of the naked car.

Ergonomic angle

The comfort of the newborn has also been taken into consideration 


The seat is about 47 centimeters off the ground, which I think is just the right distance.

There won’t be a lot of ground flying, but it won’t be too high either.


◩ Top craft fabrics

I have always felt that the material of the stroller treads is very important.

After all, babies must be comfortable enough to love riding in a stroller.

We all don’t like buying a stroller, but the baby doesn’t like to sit in it, right?

The fabric of this stroller is very soft and comfortable

Won’t hurt baby’s delicate skin

It’s also very breathable, so you won’t be sweating even after sleeping all afternoon.


Weiwei rests on the stroller during her break from scooter class.

Carrying a stroller is really useful~



◩ Fully covered awning

I personally care about one thing about the stroller awning, that is, whether it can fully cover it.

After all, sometimes the wind is strong or the sun is too strong

If the baby cannot be fully covered while sleeping, it will be easy to have an unstable sleep.

I even caught a cold after returning home 😢


LOVON GENIE two-section carport

Not only does it have UV50+ sun protection, it is also windproof and water-proof

The hidden skylight allows you to keep an eye on your baby's condition at any time

It's very considerate.


◩Hand-stitched leather armrests

The texture of the cart can be seen in the details

The armrests are hand-sewn leather, non-toxic and odorless

Detachable on both sides, fully detachable

Depending on your needs and the age of your baby, you can also go out without armrests.


The stroller’s seat is also designed to be wider and larger

The width is 37 cm, making it more comfortable for babies to sit on.

Rouroubao is not worried either😌



◩ Five-point safety belt

Five-point safety harnesses are basic

This stroller also has shoulder and crotch protection designs.

So that the baby will not have the discomfort of being strangled

The softness is also more comfortable 


◩ Intuitive stepping on the brakes

Very simple and intuitive braking method

Brake as soon as you step on it, don't be negligent!


◩Large space storage basket

Like this design very much! !

The space underneath can be opened to store items, and then closed again after being placed.

It is fixed with iron suction type and has great texture.

Recommended load capacity: 3kg


Personally, I don’t like having to stuff everything in every time I want to put something away.

It’s also very troublesome to take it out, and sometimes things will fall all over the floor😅

So this design is really awesome to me



◩ High-quality cart

Use 6463 matte painted aluminum alloy bracket

Strong toughness, light weight and high hardness

The whole car weighs 6kg, which is a weight that my mother can pick up with one hand. 


◩ The wheels are very stable and easy to push

The wheel's ball bearings are specially designed

Smooth and easy to push, can handle all kinds of bumpy roads

Whether it is a brick road, a sand road, or a stone road

Or you need to go up or downhill at any time, no problem

In addition, it is equipped with four-wheel suspension spring shock absorbers, which provides sufficient stability.

The front wheels turn 360 degrees, making the baby very stable and not shaking when riding.


◩ Mom loves the thoughtful cup holder (additional purchase)

This universal cup holder can hold mom’s water cup and baby’s water cup

Or bought drinks, etc.

Sometimes I also use it to put my phone 😂

Really super convenient👍



◩ Can be closed in seconds with one hand and opened with a flick

Another must-have is the one-hand instant closing function!

Ever since Douwei was a baby, I would hold him with one hand and put the stroller away with the other.

So being able to close it in seconds with one hand is my basic requirement for a stroller.

Just press the car closing button and press it down to complete the car closing.

The same goes for opening the cart. Press the unfold button and the cart will unfold when you swing it.


The strap design is really convenient to move around

Can be carried on your back


The weight of six kilograms is acceptable 

So this method is very convenient when moving short distances


It’s okay to just carry it on the go.

The stroller is lightweight and portable


I sincerely recommend this stroller to you.