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10 reasons to buy MY HEART dining chair, regret not buying it sooner!

Here are the recommendations for children’s dining chairs!

It’s been a while since I bought my heart dining chair.

This article introduces "10 reasons to buy my heart dining chair"

In fact, my heart dining chair is a very popular star product in the children's dining chair industry.

I have been waiting for a long time. After using it, it is really convenient. Now I regret not buying it earlier!

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

In fact, the matter of whether to sit on the dining chair or not has always been my little insistence on my children!

I firmly insist that "children must sit on a dining chair when eating"

He is even very trouble-free. When he was young, he would bring a portable dining chair with him when he went to his parents-in-law’s house for dinner.

Because I really don’t want to have a situation where a whole family is chasing their children to feed them.

Therefore, children should be taught from an early age that they should eat on the dining chair during meal time.

When children are still ignorant and don’t know anything, they are the least likely to resist when rules are set at this time.

By the time you have developed the habit of not sitting on a dining chair, it will be too late to make regulations >”<

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

There are actually two dining chairs at home, both of which are used at different times.

Like the Fisher-Price Portable Dining Chair, this is a dining chair that can be placed anywhere

When Feifei was little, I often put it on the sofa or floor mat. It was convenient for me to feed her like this.

But if you grow up and need to feed yourself, or if you grow taller, you cannot use it.

The other one is a log bench currently in service.

But this is a 16-year-old dining chair, so I won’t install a seat belt on it.

When it comes to meal time, Feifei will stand up completely when he sees food, which is super dangerous>”<

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

And there is a lot of space next to this dining chair.

Feifei might be used to seeing 16 sneaking out of the gap next to the dining chair,

So Feifei followed suit XD

But he’s not tall enough, so he’ll just fall down>”<

This situation appears many times in the photo

And because 16 dining chairs don’t have seat belts, Feifei will stand up again

After I put him up, I had to keep an eye on him at all times. I was so nervous when I went to pick up something for fear of him falling!

So in the past few months, I have been thinking: It’s time to buy another dining chair!

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

It’s been a while since I bought my heart dining chair

This will help you sort out what I think are the "10 reasons to buy my heart dining chairs"

Of course I will also write down what I think are the shortcomings.

If you are also thinking about whether to buy my heart dining chair , you can refer to this article!

10 reasons to buy my heart dining chair (more dining chair introduction)

1.Easy to assemble

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

When my heart dining chair was delivered, it was in a box like this:

Feifei seemed to know that it was his new dining chair and was so excited!

I keep wanting to open it (want to destroy it XD)

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

All that needs to be assembled inside the dining chair is

Put the front and rear chair legs, footrest pads, and the chair body and you’re almost done!

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

The instructions are quite clear~

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

If even someone like Ah San, who has a hard time reading instructions, can understand it,

I think everyone should understand it (揪MiXD)

But Ah San is not alone either! Haha

16 said he wanted to help him deliver something, but Feifei kept blocking him with her body to support him (?)

It's hard to assemble anything when you have kids!

Poor Asan is so tired XDDDD

2. The dining chair is very stable

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

I think the dining chair is very stable.

And assuming you're not wearing a seat belt, stand up on it

The dining chair is also very difficult to tip forward or backward.

Because the chair legs are relatively open and stable, it is not easy to tip over.

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

There are also roller and fixed designs

Relatively speaking, it is also more convenient to move!

I personally don’t use fixed functions very much.

Because the rollers are not very slippery, they still require a certain amount of force to move.

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

But my heart dining chair is a new thing in our house after all.

The first few times I used it, poor Feifei was harassed by her brother every time she ate.

My brother kept crawling around next to him, saying that I wanted to use it too and I wanted to use it too!

It proves the saying "other people's is the most fun and useful" XD

3. Dining chairs are foldable

The dinette is foldable and is a great addition to my heart dining chairs!

After folding, the folded widest point is 27cm and the folded height is 110cm

This is much better than most dining chairs that cannot be folded!

For example, my mother likes to use cheap IKEA dining chairs, which are much larger than my heart dining chairs!

That one takes up more space at home.

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

Fold up the dining chair and put it next to the wall

In fact, it doesn’t take much more space, which is very complimentary!

A 16-inch dining chair cannot be folded, so it will be very large.

This is how it is kept in my house now.

To unfold and fold the dining chair, you need both hands to press down to operate it - there is no way to do it with one hand.

4. Five-stage height + two-stage adjustment of foot pedal

There are five-section dining chairs that can be adjusted in height

Can match the height of the dining table,

If mom wants to feed on the sofa today, she can also easily adjust the height of the dining chair

I find it quite convenient!

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

For example, I sometimes feed Feifei an afternoon snack on the sofa in the living room

I don't have to sit on those hard dining room chairs

I can sit on the sofa and use my phone, feed Feifei

Otherwise, you have to go to the dining table to sit and feed every time, which is actually quite tiring!

(The chairs at my adult dining table are difficult to sit on>”<)

In addition, the foot pad is a two-stage type.

But now I feel that the top part is not high enough to fit into the tenon.

It matches his height better

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

The adjustable foot pad makes it more comfortable to step on when dining!

If you are now 16, you can step on it, which makes it much more comfortable.

5. Three-stage chair back slope

The chair back can be adjusted easily

There are three stages that can be adjusted

But because if you want to eat, basically it must be the most popular one

So I don’t know how to adjust the chair back!

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

The recommended age of this dining chair is 6 months ~ 25 kg

When I was 6 months old, I didn’t need a dinner plate much (they were all fed by adults).

So there is no problem of plate height

The height of the dining plate of my heart dining chair is relatively high, which really allows children to use their hands to eat on the dining plate.

It is more suitable for those who are over one year old or over 75 cm tall!

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

Feifei is now over 80 centimeters tall

His hands can easily be placed on the dinner plate to eat!

When he can eat completely by himself, mom will be relieved! (Hurray!)

(More dining chair introductions)

6. Five-point safety belt

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

my heart dining chair has a five-point safety belt

I highly praise this!

Because my Feifei is a strong man

It’s really hard to control = =”

I feel more at ease with this five-point safety belt, and it’s harder for him to break free!

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

In addition, this seat belt is very easy to fasten!

Basically, after putting the child on it,

The seat belt buckles upward from under the seat cushion, so there is no effort needed!

It can be buckled very quickly to prevent Feifei from moving around XD

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

You can even do yoga on a dining chair XDDD

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

In addition, because the five-point safety belt is under the seat cushion

So even if you are 16 years old and sit on it, you will not feel uncomfortable if it is not buckled up!

This is something I couldn't handle with my original logs made into long dining chairs.

His seat belt is the kind that your butt will sit on~

7. The dinner plate is easy to clean and disassemble and wash.

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

In addition to white dinner plates, red detachable dinner plates are also available

I rarely separate them XD

Currently, we use red ones. Just wash the red dinner plates.

To remove the dinner plate, you need to hold the latch with both hands and it can be pulled out easily!

But a child shouldn’t be able to take it off no matter what~

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

I always put the things I need to wash directly on the dinner plate.

Take it directly to the sink for cleaning, very convenient!

8. The dinner plate can be stored on the hook at the back, so there is no need to find an extra place to place it.

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

This must be greatly praised!

If the dinner plate that takes up the most space is not in use, it can be stored behind the dining chair!

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

You can hang it here to dry, and you don’t have to find a place to put the dinner plate!

This is really thoughtful!

9. There is a pole in front of the dining chair to prevent it from falling.

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

I personally love this very much! Who told me to give birth to a monkey child? XD

Every time I help Feifei unbuckle the seat belt, Feifei can't wait to get out of the dining chair after pressing it down.

(Maybe I saw my brother who finished eating early playing nearby and wanted to join in the relationship)

Then his body will appear tilted

Every time, there is a danger that there is a white pole blocking his path.

That’s what kept him from falling! It’s really a great design!

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

So even if the brother next door is eating dessert,

Even Feifei, who really wanted to eat, couldn’t climb over to eat XD

10. The tabletop is wide and children are less likely to drop things while eating.

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

The last point is that the desktop is very wide!

Children are less likely to drop food when eating

I have now begun to let Feifei eat on his own

Foodie Feifei eats very boldly!

Often the entire table is covered with his food = =”

Fortunately, the tabletop is very wide, so I need to bend down to pick up less food (fortunately) XD

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

Now I only feed him noodles more often

I don’t dare to let him feed himself>”<

Because I think eating must be more terrifying ~ woo woo

Mom, I don’t want to face reality yet~ha

You can also draw on it,

I often tie Feifei to the dining chair while working on the computer.

Let him paint, and he won't bother me~

The two of you will study hard together XDDD

Now Feifei loves this dining chair very much

It's time to eat

He saw adults coming back from shopping

They would all come running over and point at the dining chairs and keep shouting.

I once again successfully trained my child to sit on the dining chair when eating! Hahaha

兒童餐椅推薦♥買my heart餐椅的10個理由,後悔沒早點入手!

Okay~ the introduction of my heart dining chair has come to an end!

Basically, my heart dining chair has many advantages, but its shortcomings are not outweighed by its shortcomings!

It’s been really useful since I started using it!

Mom who is considering whether to buy my heart dining chair,

You can compare it in many ways and you will know that this one is really great!