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Myheart folding child safety dining chair usage experience sharing


    Ever since Mason started eating non-staple food

    I'm constantly looking for the right dining chair

    Later I discovered that there is a lot of knowledge involved in choosing a dining chair for your baby.

    Not just to satisfy mother's preferences

    You must pay attention to several key points:

    Focus on baby’s comfort

    After all, the chair is bought for babies to sit on.

    As long as the uncle is not satisfied, there is no need to discuss anything.

    For babies who have just turned 6 months old

    It’s the stage when I’m just learning to sit

    So the curvature design of the chair is very important

    Safety in use

    Security is also a must

    Of course we will keep an eye on the baby at all times

    But what kind of protective mechanism can the product itself achieve?

    That's what I care about more

    Simple operation and easy to use

    I think all stay-at-home moms understand

    When you fight one by one and face the villain who is hungry and out of control

    All simple daily movements will become sluggish

    How to assemble dining chairs in no time, the fastest and easiest way

    This is also very important

    Versatile practicality

    Unexpectedly, Pisces women are romantic by nature

    After becoming a mother

    Some parts have become quite practical.

    It would be best if there are other additional functions

    This way you can save a lot of money on buying baby products.

    Is it convenient to store?

    The biggest experience when purchasing baby products is

    Before you become a mother, you will always only think of the first few items.

    But I didn’t think about how to store it.

    Not long after Mason was born

    Your home can quickly be overrun with baby products

    In addition to convenient storage

    Maybe you should be more concerned about

    How to Stop Spending Unnecessary Money

    How about buying a really useful dining chair?



    Regarding the dining chair for babies

    I have been very persistent from the beginning.

    I hope to establish good dining habits in Mason from an early age

    #Food will only be given if you sit on the chair obediently

    #Wasteless and picky eaters

    #Able to eat independently

    #Pay attention to hygiene before and after eating

    Of course, all these seem to be strict "rules"

    It’s too harsh for a baby over 4 months old

    So what we can do at this stage is

    Develop his patience and concentration

    Just let him eat happily without any pressure

    You don’t have to worry too much whether you eat more or less.

    Babies before 1 year old still rely on milk as their main source of nutrition

    hope in the near future

    We can achieve the vision of "parents and children eating together" 819357394_x.jpg.gif

    Note: "Parent-child eating together" refers to the whole family sitting at the table to eat together

    In this way, children can reduce the problem of picky eating

    At the same time, it can enhance learning ability, etc.



    Mason started eating non-staple food when he was about 4 months old

    Because I’m not good at sitting yet

    So I tried many ways

    From lying down to sitting on a stroller

    Later, I switched to a special nursery chair for babies to eat.

    In fact, dining chairs were not in my supply list at first.

    I originally wanted to just use this simple little chair.

    It also suits the layout of my home very well.

    But I found that the nursery chair is more suitable for playing

    Although the covering of the chair cushion is sufficient

    But the chair back curvature cannot be adjusted

    And if you want your baby to eat at the table together,

    I want to buy another "Duco Chair"

    Only then can it be placed on an adult's chair

    So I decided later

    It’s better to be obedient and buy another children’s dining chair.



    Being an action person, I go to the department store the next day

    I moved a J brand dining chair home.

    I think many mothers are familiar with this brand.

    Multi-purpose growing dining chair

    But Mason is still young

    So I haven’t had a chance to actually experience it yet.

    Is it really as easy to use as the official website says?

    I can only compare it with myheart based on the current usage model.

    In fact, the functions of the two dining chairs are roughly the same.

    But there are differences in the details

    Let me share it with you slowly



    Recommendations from a bunch of amateur moms in the parenting community

    You know how popular myheart is

    The myheart dining chair is authentically made by MIT in Taiwan!!!

    Supporting domestic products is a must

    Of course, it will also make you feel more at ease when using it.

    Have any concerns about the product or warranty repairs, etc.

    All can receive proper services


    It's always dad's job to assemble this thing

    I was originally worried about my father who had just gotten off work and was already exhausted.

    Will you get angry if you see too many accessories?

    Fortunately, there is this assembly instruction video

    But it was installed quickly after a while.

    Thank you myheart dining chair for easy assembly

    Let me escape dad's typhoon tail safely 819360487_x.jpg.gif



    mmyheart dining chair comes in 8 colors

    The one I unboxed today is brown

    I’m loving earth tones lately

    Because the house is full of wooden furniture

    This looks better 819360550_x.jpg819360648_x.jpg.gif

    Plus its own special streamlined shape

    Make the design of dining chairs more childlike

    It also subverted the previous view of Taiwan-made products.

    The impression of being unable to take into account appearance

    Don't say I'm too harsh

    Things are beautiful

    Mom will feel better if she uses it~~~




    Basically it is recommended

    Wait until your baby is around 6 months old to sit before using a high chair

    If your baby cannot fully lean on the chair at first

    You can also put a small pillow on the back of the chair for cushioning.

    In short, don't rush to ask your baby to "sit down" immediately.

    Being comfortable is the most important thing


    The dining chair uses a buckle-type slide rail to control opening and closing.

    When you want to use it, just push the tripod all the way!



    A-type tripod design below

    Can make dining chairs more stable

    So it can be used by children from 6 months old to 3 years old

    The maximum bearable kilogram is 25 kilograms




    There are hidden rollers behind the tripod for easy movement.

    And the reason why we only make rear rollers

    Mainly considering the safety of use

    If you have an older baby

    If you sit on it and exert a little force,

    The dining chair may move or fall over

    just to be on the safe side

    So just make one side of the roller

    I have researched the dining chairs on the market and this is probably the case.

    The myheart dining chair has an additional brake button.

    So you can feel more assured




    A good dining chair should be equipped with a good cushion

    The chair cushion is the key to whether the baby can sit or not for a long time.

    mheart’s chair cushions are moderately thick

    Designed with breathable mesh fabric

    In fact, Mason still sweats no matter which chair he sits on.

    But at least after sweating or touching food

    It makes it easier for me to take it apart and wash it.

    mheart is a five-point safety belt

    The tightness of each strap can be adjusted

    There are also shoulder pads on both sides for cushioning

    Avoid excessive friction on seat belts




    There is a divider between the legs of the dining chair

    At first I didn't think it had any special effect.

    Until one time Mason finished eating the food

    When you are in a hurry to ask for milk

    Losing control in the chair and trying to break free

    Even though I'm wearing a seat belt

    But I still can't help but feel nervous whether he will fall off.

    If you really accidentally break free of the seat belt,

    But at least there is a baffle to block it first

    It’s an extra layer of safety protection.

    This is something that J brand dining chairs don’t have.


    Although Mason's little feet can't even use pedals,

    But this pedal actually has two levels of height.

    You can adjust it according to your baby’s height~



    A baby who has just started using a dining chair

    Still can't sit up straight

    At this time, you can pass

    Buttons on the back of the seat to adjust



    According to the baby's needs

    The chair back can be adjusted to any angle

    At first I would have him lie on his back a little

    Then put a small pillow behind for Mason to sit on

    Now Mason doesn't need a small pillow anymore

    You can sit very well


    In addition to the adjustable tilt of the chair back

    The dining chair itself also has 5 levels of high and low adjustment.

    This design is really great

    Can adapt to various dining environments

    Whether you are sitting at the dining table or on the sofa

    Easy to feed



    The height of the dining chair can be adjusted to a minimum of 32 cm

    Just like a small child seat

    Sometimes in the afternoon I would sit in the living room and feed him snacks.

    Low-angle mode also makes people more relaxed

    There is no sense of restraint like when having a full meal



    Another benefit of low-angle mode is that

    Mothers no longer have to bend down to feed their babies

    Let's leave bending down to changing diapers or taking a bath.

    mmyheart can help you lighten some of your burdens

    The comparison chart between the highest and lowest is roughly like this

    The picture shows a frightened Mason who had just finished sitting in a rage. 819360487_x.jpg.gif




    Let’s take a look at the dinner plate part!

    The arc-shaped design makes the dinner plate look more spacious

    Even if we put a full banquet of Manchu and Han Dynasties on the dinner plate,

    I think it's feasible too 819361014_x.jpg.gif

    There is also an integrated groove on the right side of the dinner plate

    Can be used to place a small water cup

    The entire plate area is designed with a smooth surface

    It will be convenient for babies to use suction cup tableware in the future.

    Can be firmly fixed without fear of falling



    It’s very easy to assemble the dinner plate

    Control buttons are designed under the dinner plate

    The user pulls the control buttons outward and parallel at the same time

    Then insert it into the slide rails on both sides of the dining chair!


    The dinner plate also has 3 levels of adjustment

    You can adjust the distance and distance according to the baby's body shape



    After putting on the big dinner plate, it looks more like eating.

    It's just that Mason looks so mini




    Of course, this dining chair can do more than just eating

    In fact, it can also be used as a play table and chair.

    You can let your baby sit on it and draw or play with clay.

    Make it easier for adults to clean up after it's over

    Gently press the fixing buttons on both sides of the dinner plate

    You can remove the original plate

    Just take it for cleaning.



    When you don’t need the dinner plate

    You can store it in place!!! This is really convenient

    You don’t have to find another place to put it

    Just put the dinner plate upside down behind the tripod.

    Take it off when you need to use it


    The way to fold the dining chairs is also very simple

    Press the control buttons behind the tripods on both sides

    Pull up along the slide rail

    The dining chairs can be stowed away

    Isn't it like doing magic?

    It’s really amazing~~~~



    mmyheart dining chair really means "saving space".

    Explained incisively and vividly

    Dear viewers!!! Look

    After folding the legs, the width of the entire dining chair is only 30 cm!!!

    Almost in a straight line state

    And it can be placed directly upright without falling over.

    The most important thing is that it is lighter than the J brand.

    I often have to move dining chairs by myself

    On this point, I feel very touched




    Now Mason is quite used to dining there.

    almost aware

    As soon as you sit down on the dining chair, it's time to eat

    I can only say that children’s comprehension is really fast.

    Especially as long as it is related to "eating"

    Everything will come to light very quickly 819360460_x.jpg



    In fact, training to sit on a dining chair

    We were not so smooth at the beginning.

    I have experienced several failures before.

    Mom can also try to be like me

    besides dining

    You can also let him sit on it at ordinary times.

    do what he likes

    (Mason’s latest hobby is drinking from a water glass)

    As time goes by, his acceptance will be higher!

    In this way, you can also cultivate your baby's patience.



    Mason is obviously very independent.

    Occasionally, there are times when I cry non-stop and need someone to accompany me.

    At this time, my mother can only take care of her nearby.

    I'll pull him to the sink

    Talk to him while distracting him

    Let him know that I am paying attention to him and accompanying him

    Then finish the household chores at hand

    I don’t know if my voice is too hypnotic or something.

    This guy actually let me sleep directly on it

    It's really disrespectful



    A multifunctional dining chair

    And it can be stored so completely

    It’s actually less than NT3,000

    The price is really good for a dining chair!!!

    Completely painless to start with

    Because the design is simple

    There is no distinction between male and female babies

    It will be very convenient to sell and resell the children later when they grow up.




    Able to follow your own living habits

    It's really a great thing to use a dining chair

    And it saves money on buying a comfort chair.

    Finally, let me review it

    Must-buy highlights of myheart dining chair:


    ✔Slide rail button design makes it easier to open and close the dining chair
    ✔The A-shaped tripod design is more stable and prevents tilting and overturning
    ✔Hidden roller design with brake button allows free movement without restriction
    ✔Five-point buckle safety belt with removable and washable shoulder pads
    ✔Breathable mesh soft seat cushion is not easy to get hot and sweat when sitting
    ✔The dining chair can be adjusted in five stages according to the height of the baby
    ✔The chair back can be adjusted to any angle
    ✔Can be used from six months old when the baby can sit upright to three years old (25kg)
    ✔The dividing baffle on the dining chair can reduce the chance of falling
    ✔The foot pedal has two stages of height adjustment
    ✔The plastic dinner plate is removable for cleaning and can be stored under the back of the chair
    ✔Arc -shaped desktop without diamonds, three-stage space adjustment for far and near
    ✔Foldable and stored to a minimum width of 30 cm, it can be placed upright and does not take up space


    Interested friends

    You can directly click on the following website to make a purchase.

    【myheart children's dining chair】
    myheart folding children's dining chair in 8 colors on sale
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