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Recommendation of baby dining chairs & evaluation of six types of dining chairs (myheart, ikea, Fisher-Price, inflatable chairs, dining chair covers, wooden chairs)

Xiaowen is going to recommend this baby dining chair that many mothers recommend in the parenting industry today - myheart folding child safety dining chair

Yuzu has been using this dining chair for 4 months and is still using it now 3Y4M.

I started using Wanzi when I was 1 year old. I have been using it for 5 years and 6 months now and it is still sitting there. It is not broken at all.

As soon as they talk about eating, the two of them will automatically climb onto the dining chairs and sit down obediently.

I will also share a few dining chairs that I have used

After reading this, you will know why I recommend myheart the most

1. IKEA high chair with tray

This dining chair is very cheap, only 569 yuan, so many restaurants use this chair, and it can be stacked.

It is very light and easy to transport, and the chair corners and body can be disassembled and assembled.

There are three-point safety harnesses, the tray is removable, and support pads are available for purchase.

The disadvantage is that the chair legs are easily kicked , especially in crowded restaurants. If you walk over, the chair legs will be kicked.

Without a footrest, the baby will feel uncomfortable if he does it for a long time.

This should not be used until your baby can sit on his own.

Moreover, the width of this meal is narrow, and larger babies will soon be unable to sit down.

2. Fisher-Price Baby High Chair

I started using this product when I was six or seven months old.

The price is about 8 to 900 yuan, which is not too expensive. Now I use this and myheart alternately at home.

If I wasn't eating with Wanzi, I would put Fisher on the floor mat and feed him.

If we eat at the same time as Wanzi, we will let him sit on myheart and eat at the dining table with us.

This one can be tied to a dining chair and is theoretically portable, but we haven’t taken it out because we think it’s still too big XD

There is a three-point safety belt, the dinner plate is detachable and can be tied to an ordinary dining chair, and the chair legs can adjust the height.

The disadvantage is that if it gets dirty, you have to take the entire dining chair to the bathroom and rinse it. The entire sheet is made of plastic so it is not breathable.

It can only be used after the baby can sit on his own.


3. sack'n seat portable dining chair cover

Sometimes when I go out to eat at a restaurant, there may not be children's chairs, or they may have run out of children's chairs.

That’s why I bought this dining chair cover. I’ve never met a dining chair that can’t be tied.

This kind of dining chair cover can be expensive or cheap. This brand is about 300 yuan and has a five-section safety belt.

Some only have three-stage styles. The baby will stand up as soon as he stands. It’s the same as without ties XD

But Wanzi didn't like sitting on this chair cover. Maybe it felt like he was being tied up. He didn't sit on it for long.

But there have been a few times when he could sit inside obediently.

Because the whole piece is made of cloth, you can roll it up and put it in your mother's bag to carry around, which is very convenient. The whole thing can be thrown into the washing machine.

If it is tied too tightly, it may be uncomfortable. If it is tied too loose, the baby will easily break away XD . Especially once you know how to stand, it's really easy.

It is only suitable for babies who can sit upright. Those between 4M and 6M may not be able to use it yet.

I personally think it's a bit of a waste of money to buy this.

4. Inflatable school chair

I bought this chair before the Fisher-Price one. The price is very cheap, about more than 300 yuan.

I just thought it was funny when I saw it on the Internet, but I didn’t expect it to stay with us for several months.

I originally thought that this chair would be very light and my baby would not turn over when sitting on it, but I didn’t expect that it would not at all.

There is a depression in the middle, so the baby can sit firmly in it if his neck is hard but he is not yet able to sit.

When the baby is 4 meters old and cannot sit yet, and when he starts to eat non-staple food, it is very convenient to feed him in this chair.

But after I can turn over, I can’t sit still XD. So the disadvantage of this one is that its service life is not long .

The whole thing is easy to clean, just let it get rid of the air when not in use, and it doesn't take up any space at all.

5. Traditional wooden dining chairs

This dining chair is my least favorite of them all.

Apart from the advantage of being foldable, I really can’t find any other advantages XD

It doesn't look good, is heavy and big, and is only suitable for children over two years old.

For example, Wanzi is over a year old now, and he keeps standing up every time he sits on this kind of dining chair (IKEA's ones are harder to stand up on).

I have seen a friend's child slip off this kind of dining chair before (very dangerous).

The seat belt only has three sections, and it’s the same as without it XD. Moreover, most dining chairs in restaurants do not have safety belts.

In addition, the seat cushion is easy to break, the surface paint is easy to peel off, and it looks dirty and old. I don’t want my baby to sit in it.

Maruko 4M inflatable chair → 6M Fisher-Price chair → 11M ikea high chair.

I believe many parents are like us. From the time the baby starts eating non-staple food at 4 months old to one year old, he may have changed many dining chairs in the meantime.

Of course it's not bad if you have some cards. If you buy them yourself, it will cost a lot of money. And buying one may not be suitable for your baby.

Wouldn't it be great if you have one that can be used as a dining chair from 4M to large? ?

Next, I will share the myheart folding child safety dining chair that I think is super easy to use.

Originally we thought it was OK to use the Fisher-Price, but sometimes we would eat at the dining table and have to tie the Fisher-Price to the dining chair.

But usually I am used to feeding him on the floor mat, so moving it around is very troublesome.

So we decided to buy a high chair to sit at the dining table.

Even though we have an ikea high chair at home, it kicks my feet every time I pass by. It’s really annoying.

Once I went to the Yanik Dream Village in Yangmingshan and found that they used myheart dining chairs, and the balls were quite fast to sit on.

As soon as I got home, I searched online and found that this dining chair has so many advantages, and every review was very positive. There is really no reason not to buy it.

Packaging dimensions are length 55 x width 29 x height 71cm

Accessories include these:

A-type tripod screw set (1 large and 4 small), breathable seat belt and seat, base tripod, dining table, table mat, foot pedal, iron rod and fixed buckle, Chinese manual, warranty card

The instructions are very clear, and if you really can’t understand them, you can also watch the video below.

The manual and online video provide detailed instructions.

Awei assembled it without reading the instructions or the video. It was really easy.

Some netizens reported that they couldn’t use it after it was installed. In fact, the chair legs were installed backwards.

The buttons for adjusting the height and folding of the chair are facing inwards.

If there is a button facing outward, the tripod is installed backwards.

Please refer to the user manual, product assembly step 2, please remove the base and reassemble it.

First, turn the A-type tripod and the two rear legs outward at the same time to install it correctly.

Of course, I leave the rough work of assembling it to my husband!

There is a thoughtful note sticker on the back. It says above that the applicable age is 6 months to 3 years old. This is just for reference.

A 3-year-old child should weigh less than 25 kilograms

In fact, you can start using it from 4 months old (there are photos of Yuzu sitting at 4 months below)

The texture is very good. We have used this one for two years and it is still in perfect condition.

Sturdy and durable, it can be used as a family heirloom XD

1. Ultra-stable A-frame and hidden wheels

This dining chair looks very impressive. Although it is very large when unfolded, its large size means it is stable, and its stability means that you can sit on it for a long time.

This one can withstand weights up to 25KG, which is about the weight of a six-year-old child.

A six-year-old child can basically sit on an adult dining chair. This means that this chair can be used from time to time when eating non-staple food, and does not need to be replaced after use.

The entire chair seat is pyramid-shaped, which is very stable. The foot base is wider and thicker, making it more stable. There is no need to worry about the dining chair tilting and falling over.

If I had bought this earlier, I wouldn't have had to keep changing chairs.

There are anti-slip pads under the front feet.

There are hidden wheels and brake buttons on the two rear chair legs, so it can be pushed to other places in the home.

When eating, press the brake button to fix it.

One time I was going out at noon and Wanzi was eating. Awei was worried so she pushed him to the kitchen and watched him while cooking.

This wheel is really easy to push and won't get stuck.

The net weight of this dining chair is 7.8KG, which is not very heavy. With the wheels, it feels very light and easy to push.

No other dining chair has this design. You can only lift and move the entire chair together with the baby, it is really heavy.

2. The product has passed SGS international regulations inspection

It has been insured with Fubon Product Insurance for RMB 20 million liability insurance and has a one-year warranty.

3. The chair body has five-stage height adjustment

This dining chair can adjust the height. None of the dining chairs I have used before have this feature. This is really great!

And the adjustment method is very easy, just press the rear button, no additional disassembly and assembly is required.

When the baby is still young, you can put it as low as possible for them to sit and play in it, and the baby will feel more secure.

If you are a mysophobic mother and you have to wipe up the baby whenever he throws food, you can lower the dining chair to the lowest position and place it on the floor mat.

It is more comfortable for the mother to feed the baby food while sitting on the floor mat than sitting on the floor. Kneeling on the floor mat to pick up food and wipe the floor mat is also more comfortable than kneeling on the floor.

The dining chairs can be adjusted to match the height of the dining table at home.

For example, my dining table is 75cm high, and this dining chair is just right when it is pulled up to the highest position.

The dinner plate can also be placed on the dining table.

4. Three-stage adjustment of the inclination of the chair back

Just press the button on the back of the chair to adjust the inclination.

When the baby is 4 meters old and still can't sit up straight, you can make it the most inclined position to protect the baby's neck, and you can easily feed supplementary food by removing the dinner plate.

Now I always adjust it to the straightest position, so that it is closest to the dinner plate, so that the hand will not stretch too far, and it will be more comfortable to sit up.

However, the straightest one is not even 90 degrees, and it would be uncomfortable to sit upright if it is too vertical.

This one is ergonomic, the straightest and has a slope, making it comfortable to sit on so the baby can sit for a long time.

Youzi is 5m and still can't sit on her own. Adjust the backrest of myheart chair to the most inclined position and you can sit very firmly.

Before this dining chair existed, I had to feed my baby the supplementary food before I could eat.

As a result, the rice was cold and the noodles were hard>”<

With this dining chair, I can feed me food while eating, so I don’t have to go hungry.

Moreover, the baby has a sense of meal and is relatively able to sit still without barking. He can accompany an adult to finish a meal.

5. Two-stage pedal height adjustment

The footrest can also adjust the height, which is a design that other dining chairs do not have.

Just like an adult sitting on a bar chair, if there are no footrests, the thighs and buttocks will become sore after sitting for a long time, and the same goes for children.

It’s so comfortable to sit on with the pedals!

6. Dining chairs can be folded and stored.

To be honest, this dining chair is really big when unfolded. But the fact that it can be folded solves many people's worries.

The folded thickness is about 27cm. It can be placed behind the door or beside the dining table without blocking the walkway.

7. Five-point buckle safety belt

The five-point safety belt is safer than the three-point safety belt and has better fixation effect. It is not easy for the baby to break away and stand up.

For example, Wanzi is over a year old now. He loves to stand up and can't hold it down at all in the three-point pose.

The five-point safety belt eliminates the need to worry about the baby standing up and falling, and the mother can leave without worry to go to the toilet or the kitchen.

When the baby is older and can sit obediently, you can only buckle the lower waist area and change it to the three-point position.

Yuzu is 5 meters old and can't sit on his own yet, so he needs a five-point seat belt so you don't have to worry about him leaning forward.

Like when I go to the kitchen or the bathroom sometimes, I feel more at ease if I let him sit on it.

This picture was taken with Yuzu 9M

It’s easier to feed supplementary food if you remove the dinner plate

8. Removable and washable breathable chair cushions and soft shoulder pads

When your baby starts to learn to eat on his own, he will eat everywhere.

This chair cushion is removable and washable. Wash it at night, place it in a ventilated area on the balcony, and dry it the next day.

But it’s a little troublesome to pick up the seat belt by passing it through the seat cushion (I’m lazy XD)

When the baby is still young, the chair cushion has friction and is less likely to slide.

The Yuzu in the photo is 4m long. Adjust the backrest of the chair to the most slanted position and add a chair cushion so that you can sit by yourself without swaying around.

It doesn't matter if your baby is older and doesn't need a chair cushion. If the chair gets dirty, just wipe it. It's more convenient.

9. Extra large removable and washable double-layer plastic dinner plate

This dinner plate is really big, the largest one I’ve ever seen on a baby high chair.

Children tend to throw food away when eating by themselves. A large dinner plate can reduce the amount of food thrown on the floor.

The upper plate has a hole for a cup or bowl. I would put Wanzi’s frog water cup on it, and he would drink from it when he got thirsty after eating.

The dinner plate has a smooth plastic surface, so it can be sucked firmly with a suction cup bowl.

After eating, you only need to take the upper red plate to the kitchen for washing. You don’t need to take the entire plate to wash every time. Just wipe the lower white layer with a rag.

The design is arc-shaped with no dead ends and is easy to clean.

Children often eat until they stop playing and start throwing food around.

At this time, you can pick up the whole red dinner plate and take it away to see how he throws it XD

Because the dinner plate is big enough, children can also draw pictures and play with toys on it.

(Remove the upper tray to enlarge the area)

There are latches at the bottom of the dinner plate. You can pull the remaining plate out by pulling it to both sides (pull with both hands). Put it back in the same way.

Just pick up the dinner plate and move the dining chair close to the dining table, making your baby feel more involved.

The place where the plate is locked becomes the handle.

However, if you don’t use a dinner plate, it’s easier for food to get stuck in the gap next to the handle.

It is recommended to have a dining plate!

Large dinner plates can also catch more food, making it easier to clean

10. There is a hook for placing plates behind the chair

I think this design is super awesome! After washing, you can hang it at the back without taking up space.

No other dining chair has such a design. So every time I pick up the dinner plate and wash it, I don’t know where to put it.

11. The dinner plate can be adjusted in three stages, front and rear

The distance between the front and back of the plate can be adjusted according to the baby's eating habits.

The meatballs are smaller, so it’s better to adjust them as close as possible.

Although Fisher-Price dining chairs also have this function, you have to pull up the entire dinner plate to change seats.

Myheart can be adjusted by simply pulling the latch at the bottom and sliding it, without having to pull up the entire dinner plate.

The IKEA high chair does not have this feature at all.

12.Up to eight colors available

I personally like red, so I chose red.

The other colors are also very nice. If I give birth to a daughter, I will definitely choose pink XD

This dining chair is really super stable, even if a child stands on it and shakes, it won’t fall over.

Many parents suffer from big headaches because their children don't eat.

If you want to do your job well, you must first sharpen your tools. In addition to delicious food, a dining chair that is easy to sit on is also very important!

Usually when eating, Wanzi and Yuzu sit at a table.

In the photo, Wanzi is 2Y6M and Yuzi is 5M. Wanzi can eat by himself when he is over one year old. We let him sit on the dining chair and eat by himself.

Yuzu sits on it and watches us eat, sometimes feeding him supplementary food or giving him toys to play with.

This dining chair can be used from 4M onwards and can be used up to 6 years old.

Basically, 5 years old can sit on an adult dining chair

When Yuzu was about 1Y1M, he started to eat by himself

The sooner you let the child eat on his own, the easier it will be for parents and parents will not need to feed.

Yuzi 1Y7M, whenever he sees me bringing out food, he will walk to the dining chair and ask me to hold him up.

You really need to develop the good habit of sitting on a dining chair from an early age

I compiled 12 advantages of Myheart dining chair

✓Super stable A-frame and hidden wheels

✓The product has passed SGS international regulatory inspection

✓The chair body has five-stage height adjustment

✓Three-stage inclination adjustment of the chair back

✓Two-stage foot pedal for height adjustment

✓Foldable dining chairs for storage

✓Five-point buckle safety belt

✓Removable and washable breathable chair cushions and soft shoulder pads

✓Extra large removable and washable double-layer plastic dinner plate

✓There is a hook behind the chair to hook the dinner plate

✓The dinner plate can be adjusted in three stages, front and back

✓Up to eight colors available

How to develop good eating habits

Wanzi is 4 months old. Every time I feed him non-staple food, I will let him sit on a dining chair (an inflatable chair at the beginning), so that he can develop the habit of making a dining chair when eating.

Like when I was still using Fisher-Price, I just put the Fisher-Price dining chair on the floor and he would sit on it by himself (so cute).

Developing good eating habits should be cultivated from an early age.

Creating a happy eating environment is also important

If a child refuses to eat and throws food away, scold him loudly and blame him. Over time, he will feel that eating is a very painful thing, and he will like to eat less and less.

Therefore, you should be happy when eating with your children, speak gently, or keep smiling, or even make the children laugh.

It's okay for him to play with food. As long as he feels that eating is a happy and fun thing, he will like to eat.

When Wanzi was little, he would not eat while playing with toys, so I let him play.

Later, when he grew older, he no longer needed to play with toys and could eat well.

my personal experience

Usually in the evenings when Awei gets off work, he feeds Meatballs. One time the two of us were quarreling. Wan Zi was eating well, but suddenly he started to scream with joy and refused to eat.

Later, the two of us turned down the volume and talked properly, and Wanzi stopped talking.

In the past, when Meatball threw rice, I would get angry and scold him, but he would throw it harder and refuse to eat.

Later, I kept smiling, making him laugh and playing with him, and he was willing to open his mouth to eat and became very good at feeding.

I share the above personal experiences with everyone. I hope everyone’s baby can eat well^^

Finally, I made a table of some of the dining chairs I have used so that everyone can see more clearly.

Based on the above, I personally recommend myheart the most.