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French EKOBO children's tableware, simple dining texture popular all over the world, natural bamboo fiber/top platinum silicone tableware

The extremely beautiful EKOBO children's tableware recommended by European and American mothers is really charming~

The low-key and textured colors allow babies to have visual beauty while learning to eat independently.


EKOBO is a French brand of children's products and home life founded in 1972. Its baby tableware has won numerous design awards in France, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

This is the favorite photo of children’s tableware posted by the global mother community! It is a genuine European brand and the leading brand of this kind of beautiful children's tableware.

In fact, my mother’s family has been using EKOBO children’s tableware since the middle of the year.

The two materials, "natural bamboo fiber" and "top-grade platinum silicone", each have their own advantages and characteristics, and it is difficult to distinguish between them.
How to choose the material of children's tableware?
Children's tableware is mainly made of "stainless steel" and "silicone". In recent years, "natural bamboo fiber" has also become very popular.
Stainless steel is divided into 304 and 316. 316 is more durable and acid-resistant, so it is a better choice~
Unfortunately, stainless steel is relatively hard material. If the baby is just starting to eat non-staple food, the mother will recommend soft silicone material to avoid harming the gums.
There is also a lot of knowledge about silicone. According to the grade, it is divided into "industrial silicone", "ordinary silicone", "food grade silicone" and "medical grade silicone"
EKOBO's children's tableware is made of medical-grade silicone (top platinum), which is more stable than many food-grade silicone tableware, and has the best heat resistance and durability.

EKOBO silicone soft spoon
There is no problem in terms of softness. Even if a child in the oral stage wants to bite it, it will not hurt the gums and teeth.


What is very unique is that there are two raised points on the rear, which can prevent the spoon from directly contacting the table when placed on the table.

Living in an era of epidemic, it is even more important. Not only will the food not be contaminated on the table, but also there is no need to worry about the bacteria on the table running to the spoon.


The depth and curvature of the spoon are also perfectly designed. It is not too shallow to scoop out, nor is it too deep for children to eat too much at once.


The length of the spoon is suitable for feeding or for children to eat by themselves, and because it has a certain width, children will not have an unstable grip when holding the spoon backwards.


EKOBO suction cup bowl
The most important thing to consider when using a suction cup bowl for young children is whether the suction power is sufficient. The suction cup of the EKOBO suction cup bowl is one-piece. In the exploration stage, young children actually love to pull out the suction cup, so the one-piece molding is more suitable for curious babies.


The whole piece of suction cup makes the adsorption force very strong.


In fact, when using it, the child will not move the dinner plate very much.

If the baby does not use the suction cup bowl at the beginning of the meal, it will be an endless cycle of knocking over, sweeping, knocking, and sweeping.


The entire bowl is made of top-grade silicone, so even if the baby bites the bowl and plate,

Or use it to hit your sister, etc., it won't cause too much harm.


The depth of the suction cup bowl is perfect for holding porridge, rice, corn flakes, etc.

The angle of the edge of the bowl does not spread out, so children are less likely to spill when using it.

EKOBO suction cup plate

Nu Ma feels that wide-mouth plates are very necessary ~ because it is an aesthetic concept where the ingredients can be clearly seen.
When children eat independently, the most important thing to make them interested in food is of course visual attraction.
By combining fruits and side dishes with some clever ideas on the plate, your children will be particularly happy while eating.

Who said you can only have a taste for texture when you grow up? You can also use plates and bowls to create elegant and beautiful dishes like creative dishes.

EKOBO binaural water cup
The mother recommends that children learn to use water cups early, because when children eat, their mouths are very greasy, and if they use sippy cups or kettles, it is usually very difficult to clean them.

It is also very convenient for parents to pick up, and the design has a convex point to easily remove the bowl.


The EKOBO water cup is designed to be used with both hands, making it intuitive for babies to learn and easy to use.


EKOBO bamboo fiber children's tableware set of four
Bamboo fiber, which has become very popular in recent years, is made of bamboo fiber and edible-grade food adhesives. Mineral dyes are used to make the colors colorful and beautiful. Bamboo fiber has antibacterial and mildew-proof properties, so it is particularly suitable for use in tableware.

The bamboo fiber source of EKOBO tableware has passed the German FSC certification, which means that it uses recognized "well-managed forests" as raw materials. It is not randomly felled wood, but reliable, sustainable, and supervised forest factories.

After becoming a mother, I feel that this kind of product is particularly worth recommending, because the environmental sustainability of the earth is really not just talk.

EKOBO has also been certified by the German LFGB and the US FDA. If it has passed the most stringent LFGB, I believe there will not be much safety concerns.

However, please note that bamboo fiber materials cannot be used in ovens and microwaves. High-temperature steaming and sterilizing pots are no problem.


EKOBO Bamboo Fiber Dessert Plate/EKOBO Bamboo Fiber Dining Bowl
From the age of 1 to the time when children grow up, bowls and plates will be used every day.
EKOBO's bamboo fiber tableware is so easy to use that I bought several sets from the manufacturer. I often take out EKOBO for snacks and meals~
My brother, who is over 2 years old now, is less likely to knock over dishes, so the set made of bamboo fiber is very practical.


Because bamboo fiber is much lighter than stainless steel, it is more convenient for my father to carry snacks by himself.



If you want to be beautiful, the dinner plate is also a great way to display attractive and artistic food.


Bamboo fiber bowls can be used for breakfast, and fruits can be placed on dinner plates.


Chinese dinner bowls can be used to hold soups, while dinner plates are used to hold main meals.


Anyway, just the dinner plates and bowls can be combined into many different variations.

EKOBO’s color and simple design make people really like it. I always feel that it looks beautiful in anything.


EKOBO bamboo fiber small spoon/EKOBO bamboo fiber water cup
The depth and width of the EKOBO bamboo fiber spoon are larger than those of silicone, so it is very suitable for children over 1 year old. The side of the spoon can smoothly cut food without being too sharp, so it is very easy for my father to use.

The water cup is very easy to clean. Even if your child’s mouth is greasy, you can continue using it immediately after washing it.


What’s special is that EKOBO bamboo fiber tableware can also be used with suction cups.

If the child's eating situation is still relatively unstable, or the baby is still young but likes bamboo fiber materials, you can choose to add a silicone suction cup.


Just glue it on from the back of the bowl or plate.


"Live life with a touch of elegance" I remember saying this. On the road to raising children, I feel that my daily life is better when I have children's tableware that was shortlisted for the Barcelona Design Museum. Eating can be a pleasant time for parents and children. .